News and Notes- Practice 9/1

Coach Friedgen explains how the right mindset is vital for the Terps to win against Navy.

A more experienced offensive line, a multi-dimensional quarterback, a healthy workhorse running back.

While a lot has been said regarding a more improved football team come 2010, no one has fashioned an idea quite like that of head coach of the Terps himself. Ralph Friedgen, when asked what his biggest concern about his team was heading into the Sept. 6 matchup versus Navy, said: success.

“I think this team a chance to be good, real good. They’re much improved from the way they were last year. But until they experience success, they’re always going to have a doubt in their mind, “Friedgen said. “They got to be able to [experience success]. To do that, you got to make plays in the clutch; you got to push when it gets tough.”

Friedgen went on to explain that pushing through when times get tough is so critical for the team to put last season beyond them. Unlike most coaches who preach getting off to quick starts, Friedgen focuses solely on the end result. In fact, he finds it remarkably similar to a fight in the ring.

“[The biggest concern is] that when it gets tough that we’ll play through it. Whether we start out good, bad or different, we got to hang in there and keep fighting. So as long as we come out in the end – that’s all I’m worried about,” he said. I’ve had a lot of the kids in and they have all these different scenarios and I say it really doesn’t matter –to me it’s a 15-round fight.”

To prepare his team, Friedgen is keeping them hard at work. According to, the high in College Park today was 95 degrees – the perfect temperature to get the last ounce of energy out of the Terps.

“It was hot today and we had 14 periods and I made them do no-huddle at the end of practice and they were exhausted,” Friedgen said. “They’re getting there.”

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