Moten Expecting Big Things for Terps in 2010

Maryland linebacker Adrian Moten hopes his leadership skills will help younger Terps in 2010.

The Terrapins have already suffered a fair share of injuries to their linebackers in the preseason, but senior captain Adrian Moten doesn’t seem to be worried at all.

“We’ve got a real good group of young guys,” Moten said. “I feel as though we’re going to have guys step up this year. Alex Wujciak, Perez...They’re gonna have a lot to do this year with our winning.”

And while Moten, who had 68 tackles and six sacks last year, is confident in the linebackers, he also is working even harder with the younger players in order to better prepare them for the rigors of college football.

“It’s a tough process,” Moten explained, “because when you’ve got guys [like] David Mackall playing Mike linebacker, you try to teach him things that he probably didn’t do in high school. Man coverage, zone blitzing, getting into coverage, where you’ve got to fit in certain blitzes…Me and [Alex] Wujciak are just trying to be a good senior class and leave these guys with a good background, so they won’t be getting bashed the following year. I want to leave these guys with a good note.”

By teaching the younger players, Moten and Wujciak have grown together both on and off the field over the past few years. But with that experience comes a bit of trash-talking that the two players have become notorious for. And while some fans or opposing players may see it as annoying or even obnoxious, Moten sees his and Wujciak’s yelling as only beneficial for the team.

“We both kind of feed off each other. It’s not like a thing where Wujciak is the only one talking or I’m the only one talking,” said Moten. “When Wujciak’s talking, I’m talking. When I’m talking, Wujciak’s talking…We are two of the most vocal guys on the defense, and a lot of our defense is gonna feed off that energy. I think it’s going to be a good thing this year.”

Moten hopes to be able to back up that talk with an improved year from both himself and the team. After a disappointing 2010 season, Moten is just excited to move on to a new season that will hopefully lead to some new victories.

“We’ve all been hungry,” said Moten, “because we want to get that last season out of our heads. A win against Navy will open the door for us and have our young guys saying ‘We can do this. We can win games.’ ”

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