Porter talks second win of season

University of Memphis coach Larry Porter reflected Monday on the win against Tulane last Saturday, the Tigers' second victory this season.

Some statements from Larry Porter's weekly press luncheon today:

Just to talk a little bit about last week's victory; of course it was something that was well needed, and I am very proud of the young men that are in our locker room. It basically validated what we have been saying all along, and that is that we must continue to push and press and stay the course on the things that we fundamentally believe in -- one is hard work and two is having attention to detail and having discipline in all that we do on a daily basis. To see us get the results just based off of those things was great.

When you look back at that game and what was the difference in that game as opposed to the others that we have had in the past three or four weeks, I thought the difference was the ability to really respond to negative momentum. Normally when something bad happens, and especially in the second half, in a number of our games we have been in the position to win in the second half and have not been able to pull it out. We came out to a slow start and they came out to a good start and took the lead. Bobby (McCain) got the interception and we countered with another turnover, which was a blocked punt, which is something that we haven't done in the second half. I thought that was the difference in the game and allowed us to go along and get a victory.

Again, I tip my hat off to those young men that continue to believe in each other and continue to keep fighting. That is something that we must continue to do, certainly going into this week we would like to build off of the momentum that we got from this past weekend and just focus on us and continue to grow as a team. There are a number of things that we can do to improve both offensively and defensively. We will continue that steady course and improve on those things.

Our fans deserve this victory just as much as we did. One win and we all win. We went to go say thanks by shaking their hands and let them know that we did appreciate them and them making the trip to support us. I don't know if I even say thanks enough to the ones that do show up and support us, so in that situation we wanted to show our appreciation of their support in us by coming out to that game.

It was time for us to get a victory, but I also saw focus. We didn't celebrate as if we won the national championship. We celebrated as we finally got a return on our investment. But I also know that they are ready to come back to work this week to continue to improve. I was happy to see them handle that victory in such a mature way.

It is always a lot easier to coach a team after a win then a loss when they are so fragile. We have been aggressive as we have struggled but this week we are continue to be very aggressive in our approach in terms of demanding what we need for this football team to grow.

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