Larry Porter transcript 11/7/2011

University of Memphis football coach Larry Porter talked Monday about his team's last game against UCF and its upcoming matchup with UAB.

On the bye week's significance:
"We had to have some balance in what we did. We wanted to heal and grow our team. We practiced Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. One of the things we do, we had to go back and make sure from our perspective, what could we improve? Who could we grow as players? We looked at some young guys. We put them in some new situations to see how they handled it. The kids needed to heal, and that's what we did. The ones we had to practice with, we grew. It was a productive week in a number of ways. I'm excited about where we are. We kind of do self-evaluations in thirds, after every fourth game. Because we had some time after our ninth game, we kind of looked at it as well to see what plays were our best runs, our best passes and so on to see how we can do those things out of different formations but continue to have the consistency and the productivity out of those plays. Jerrell (Rhodes) practiced, Joe (Price) practiced and Artaves (Gibson) practiced last week. The only one out was Tannar (Rehrer), and he will be out there today. He ran and worked out late last week and has been cleared by the doctors."

On being back home for the first time in several weeks:
"It's always a comfort when you can play in your own stadium. We're looking forward to it. It gives us a chance to not have to have rush Thursday to leave Friday. I think this is a great chance for us to recognize our seniors that will be leaving us. We strongly encourage the fans to get out and support them."

On the pressure to win against UAB:
"I think every game is important in terms of just being able to go out and pursue victory. This game is the same. We've narrowed our goal down to winning November, and this is the first game. The players know that we need to go out and play our best brand of football."

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