Larry Porter transcript 11/21/2011

University of Memphis football coach Larry Porter is searching for answers as the Tigers enter their final game of the season.

On the two straight fourth-quarter collapses:
"In terms of our football program, last week we didn't quite get the results that we wanted. As you watch film, we certainly have to hold ourselves accountable. There were plays as well as calls that could have been made for different outcomes. That's just where we are, but we have to get beyond that going into this week. When you look at Friday when the team reported and we kind of put this game behind us, our spirit and attitude was there. Again, I think we'll be ready to pursue victory this week. We have no choice. We are up against a good Southern Miss team. Last week, they got beat by a UAB team that they probably thought they shouldn't have lost to. I know they will be mad as we head to Hattiesburg. So, we have to be prepared to play an angry team that's looking for redemption. We have a lot of reasons to be upset and ready to play better ourselves."

On Andy Summerlin's capability to step in for the injured Taylor Reed:
"He played strong. I'd like to just compliment Andy because he's been a resource for Taylor throughout the year. He's been the ultimate teammate in terms of just encouraging guys and trying to be a leader whenever he can. He has prepared every week as if he were the starter. Even when Taylor is out there at practice, he stands behind the offense to try and read and anticipate what he would do if her were out there. So, he's prepared himself all along to play in this game. We look forward to him. He was at the office yesterday, and he'll be there tonight. He'll prepare himself for this opportunity."

On the approach against Southern Miss:
"I think we have a really good plan to inspire our team. There is a lot going on. You have 16 seniors that are going to play their last game—whether it's away or at home. It's the last time they get to suit up for the Tigers. When you look at it that way, it's more important. The one thing that this team has done all year long is play for each other. This game won't be any different. Our approach will be a little different in terms of my presentation to them. This is an opportunity for us to go out and beat a good football team. More importantly, we can play our best game of the year. Let's save our best for last. I think this team is truly motivated. We hadn't talked much about Southern Miss. We kind of went in Friday and put that game behind us. But, starting today, we'll go over scouting reports and really talk about our plan for this week."

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