Part 1 - Q & A with Chris Douglas-Roberts

Chris Douglas-Roberts talks with about his new team.

Q&A with Chris Douglas-Roberts #30 Overall

As the first part of our series on the 2005 recruiting class, the staff caught up with one of the newest Memphis Tigers, guard Chris Douglas-Roberts of Detroit. Rated the #30 overall prospect by, the 6'6" player can make an impact at multiple positions next year. Here's what he had to say:

Q: How did your recruiting unfold and what was it that sold you on the Tigers?

A: Coach Cal came in real late in the recruiting process, when I already my top 5 on my list (Arizona, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Miami(FL), and Ohio State) and I wasn't looking to add anybody. But he called my AAU coach, Coach Walker, and he said he loved my game and would he have a chance to recruit me. I heard that and said "yes!" Coach Cal has the NBA connections, he coached in the NBA and he was #1 in the nation at UMass and I just thought he was good coach, the kind of coach I'd like to play for. So I considered them and we spent time talking and formed a friendship and I committed to Memphis.

Q: What are your weaknesses?

A: My weaknesses are that I'm 180lbs at 6'6" and also sometimes I don't show enough emotion when I'm playing. Sometimes I don't show enough leadership, I tend to let the game go past without taking it over. I just need to say something and show some emotion, but I don't. My effort is always 110%, though. I never take one play off.

Q: What are your strengths?

A: My ballhandling and passing, getting other people involved and making my team better. I encourage my teammates a lot. Last year I scored a lot of points, 28 or 30 a game, because I had to, but I'm really an unselfish player.

Q: What will you work on when you get to Memphis?

A: I'm definitely going to be in the weight room. Coach Cal and Coach Kellog already told me that. My playing weight is going to be 200-215lbs, so I've got a long way to go. My three point shot needs improvement. It's where it needs to be right now, but on the next level I'm going to have to shoot it better. I shot about 40% last year, but I didn't shoot from outside that much. I'll have to shoot a lot more on the next level.

Q: What position are you best suited for?

A: I'm more of a natural 2 or 1. I grew up playing the point, but Darius Washington is a good point guard there already so I'll more than likely be an off-guard.

Q: Which NBA player are you most similar to?

A: I don't really model my game after anybody in the NBA, but a lot of people compare me to Jamal Crawford of the Knicks. I wasn't really sure why, but I've watched him more since people have compared me to him and I can see how I play like him with my ballhandling and passing.

Q: You're part of a highly regarded recruiting class. What do you think of the guys you'll be going to Memphis with?

A: I think we have the best recruiting class in the nation, personally. I've played Shawne Williams about five times so I know how good he is. I've never played Anderson and Sanchez, but I've heard about them. And we have Dozier coming too! I think it's an outstanding class. If we all stay get better together, I think we have a real good chance of winning a national championship.

Be sure to check out throughout the next week as we have a Q&A with each of the new basketball signees, as well as comments from some of their coaches.

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