Part 4 - Q & A with Kareem Cooper

Kareem Cooper takes time out of his schedule to talk with's Doug Konkel.

Q&A With Kareem Cooper

Kareem Cooper, a 7' 285lb power forward/center prospect signed with the Tigers last week. Cooper had originally signed last year, but did not qualify academically. He has spent the last year at Laurinburg Prep getting his grades in order and refining his basketball skills.

Here are some remarks from Kareem.

Q: Why Memphis?

A: Coach Calipari. He's the man.

Q: What position do you see yourself playing?

A: I can play the 4 or the 5.

Q: What do you do best?

A: I do all the little things it takes to win games. I can play outside some too. I do a little bit of everything.

Q: What do you need to work on at the next level?

A: My footwork and my post moves. I also need to get in a little better shape.

Q: What do you think this recruiting class can accomplish next year?

A: Final Four or even farther than that. I think we can go all the way. With enough hard work and dedication we can go as far as we want, if everyone's of one accord.

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