McCarthy: We're ready

Colin McCarthy is very excited about going to Ohio State this weekend and says the team is ready. Read on to see everything he's saying a few days before the big game.

On this week's game:
It's a real big game. The coaches have been preaching to us to focus on the little things. Knowing our assignments and knowing our jobs and chasing the football. It is going to be a tough game but I think we're ready for it.

On playing at their stadium:
I have been to a game before there (for a recruiting trip). It is a crazy atmosphere. We have playing games like that. We played at Florida. And lot of people on our team now have played in big games. We are excited to have this opportunity.

On Terrelle Pryor:
He is a great quarterback. It seems like now here's trying to throw the ball a lot more but he can still run so you have to defend them both. They have a great offensive line and they are trying to run the ball. As a defense we are ready to stop the run. We'll be ready for it.

On who Pryor compares to:
Probably Virginia Tech with Tyrod Taylor. When we play them it is the same kind of idea. He likes to run but also likes to throw the deep ball. We play against great quarterbacks all the time in the ACC. Christian Ponder, there are a lot of great quarterbacks. This is just another opportunity for us and we are going to take advantage of it.

On whether playing in a game like this is new:
Not really. Every year we play Florida State and that is huge. Playing against Ohio State, there is a lot of history involved but we are just going to focus on what we have to do. The opportunity for us is there. It can get us back in the national hunt and we expect to come out with a win.

On the history between the two:
It is pretty obvious with the history of Ohio State and Miami. That is in the past and now we have an opportunity for us to go into Ohio against a highly ranked team so it will be a great chance for us to see where we're at as a team.

On getting pressure from the D-Line:
It is going to be huge. The more pressure they can give hopefully we can force Pryor into doing some mistakes. I think we had eight or nine sacks last game the hopefully we do that this week.

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