Forston: This is why I came to UM

Read on to see everything defensive tackle Marcus Forston is saying just a few days before the big game.

On the team's progress:
Coach Shannon preaches everyday if you put a bunch of crumbs together eventually you'll have bread. Every day we are working to get something and to try to go for greatness. What do you want to do to get better?

On playing at Ohio State:
I heard that it is a loud stadium. If you go up there and do what you have to do and you can quiet the crowd.

On the 03 Fiesta Bowl:
A lot of fans going back to the 02 and 03 season, a lot of us players were only in eighth grade or seventh grade. We did not know too much about that. It is just another game just another game on our schedule and we have to play it. You just go in and prepare as if you prepare for any other team.

On Ohio State being No. 2:
You definitely want to go out there and play those guys. They are the number two team and that is going to be in the back to your head. You just have to do what the coaches tell you to do. You have to do the little things that they want you to focus on. Everything will be alright.

On OSU's O-Line:
Those guys are technicians. They are well coached. Those guys do not give any reads away. They are a good offensive line.

On similarities to Wisconsin:
It is the same type of team. They do a lot of zone read in the zone blocking. The defensive line as a whole has to do a good job of living in their backfield.

On how excited he is:
This is definitely something I look forward to. I could have went to any school in the nation but I chose Miami because I know the magnitude of games like Saturday. It is the Hurricanes versus the Buckeyes. It is one of the reasons why I came here. Even when I was at the U.S. Army all American game, I played in a game that some of those guys were at. We talked a lot back then. We talked about how our Junior year that it's going down.

On the defensive line:
Everybody brings something different to the table. There are guys that are powerful who just mash people. They do whatever they have to do to intimidate the offense out there.

On the keys vs Pryor:
You have to stay in your lanes against a quarterback like that. Everybody has to stay in their lane and you have to trust the guys that will be outside. You have to trust the defense end that he is not going to counter. The defensive end has to trust that the defense tackle is going to rush upfield hard.

On defending Pryor:
We go up against the best quarterback in the nation every day. Going against Jacory every day we can be ready for any quarterback and any offense at line. He is always just calm and collected. I think it has something to do with coming out of Miami Northwestern.

On being the major underdog:
Jacory loves being the underdog. As a quarterback he was not ranked that high. People were talking about him going to wide receiver because he was too small. People said he might not be able to take those hits from college players. He is proving them wrong. He has another chance to prove people wrong again this year that he is one of the top quarterbacks in the nation.

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