Berry excited for Saturday

Read on to see everything running back Damien Berry is saying just a few days before Saturday's big showdown.

On Saturday's crowd:
I love it but it does not really matter about the people. All that matters is the University of Miami. The noise me he is here but I am not really worried about it. I am only worried about what we can do is team and how we can get better and how we can overcome the noise.

On the importance:
We should just do it is another game. It is just another game on the schedule. We've got to get past them to go where we wanna go as a football team.

On playing with a chip:
We all have a chip on our shoulders because we University of Miami. Making big-time plays is part of our game. Of course we have a chip on the shoulders.

On playing on the road:
I really don't think it'll have an affect on us. Wherever Miami is, we're gonna bring the whole city out. They're not coming just to see Ohio State. It's like any other game. We're gonna do our best to compete against Ohio State.

On being big underdogs:
I never even looked at it. All that matters is the University of Miami.

On 1 game at a time:
Coming out of high school, I looked forward to the Muck Bowl every year. That was the big game in our season. Now, as I mature and I notice that you have to take it…he used an analogy today that every game is a crumb and you get full off that crumb. You can't go grab a whole loaf of bread at the same time. You're not going to get the full effect.

On OSU's defense:
I see 11 guys on the field lining up in gray, red, and white flying around on defense. They're a great defense. We got the greatest defense. I play against a great defense so I'm not worried about Ohio State. I'm worried about what we're doing here at Miami.

On Jacory's hype:
I don't think Jacory is worried about the Heisman. He's more worried about what this team can do as a whole. If we come out on top, when we come out on top, all that stuff will play a part in the end. We're not worried about the stats. We're worried about winning games. Jacory is the greatest quarterback I've ever seen. He's intelligent, physical, and mentally capable of doing more than anything other quarterbacks can do.

On the 03 Fiesta Bowl:
We weren't playing seven years ago. I was still in high school. We just wanna play the ball game, play the game as it is. It's no revenge, no other factors. We're gonna go up there and play the best we can play.

On how the RB's played vs FAMU:
We did great as a group. I like how you ask me those questions when you watched the game (laughing). We graded out pretty good. Everyone did a great job. There are little tweaks we cleaned up but nothing really major.

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