Harris: Biggest game of our lives

Read on to see everything cornerback Brandon Harris is saying about Saturday's showdown against Ohio State.

On Terrelle Pryor:
Terrelle is a good football player. He brings a lot of diversity and leadership to that team so we've been working on staying focused and being able to contain his athletic ability. We can't let it hurt us too much. He's getting a lot of comparisons to Vince Young back when he was at Texas. As for us, we're focusing on everybody being on the same page as a defense. We can't pretty much control what he's gonna do and we're just focusing on our assignments and execute our game plan and we can stop anybody.

On how big this game is:
No question, it'll be the biggest game of our lives – each and every one of us on this football team. We realize that and we believe the preparation will have us ready. It'll be a big crowd but we wanna take over that stadium early. We wanna get into confident football play.

On the crowd noise:
It shouldn't be a big deal. Most of us have played in big time football games. We know what it feels like to have everything on the line. As for the crowd, we've been practicing in that atmosphere. We're used to playing against a noisy crowd so it shouldn't be an issue at all.

On watching Pryor on film:
We watched a lot of the games from the later part of the year on to the game against Marshall so we've been studying those games tapes, very crucially. We understand he does some great things. We have a lot of respect for him and the rest of their offense but we don't feel the need to over-emphasize the defensive gameplan to Terrelle Pryor.

On Pryor throwing more:
We're expecting them to give him more opportunities to make throws in the passing game. The Ohio State staff, they have a lot of confidence in his ability and they trust him to get it done. We have no doubt they'll try to come out and throw it around.

On the 03 Fiesta Bowl:
The toughest part about that game was watching one of my close friends, Willis, go down. We grew up in the same neighborhood, on the same block, and when we got hurt it was devastating. The ending was controversial as we all know but we have no control over that now. All we can focus on is what happens Saturday.

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