Gameday: Predictions

Game day is finally here. 12th-ranked Miami and 2nd-ranked Ohio State are set to due battle at 3:30 pm EST today. Lets take a look at how the staff at CanesTime believes this game will unfold.

CanesTime's Mike Bakas and Mike Gohari broke down some aspects of today's big game.

-- Discuss when UM has the ball:

Gohari: This game is all about protection for UM. Miami has stockpiled athletes at RB and WR and it is the time for Orlando Franklin and co. to take the next step. Keep an eye on Cameron Heyward, if UM is able to stop Heyward and the Ohio State pass rush Jacory Harris will pick apart the Buckeyes secondary. I think special teams plays a huge role here and look for Matt Bosher to have a great performance. The bottom line: give Jacory the time to throw, and our athletes will get open.

Bakas: Miami must be able to run the football. The trio of Damien Berry, Mike James, and Lamar Miller is good enough to get yards against just about anyone when Pat Hill and Richard Gordon are playing well. They're going behind a massive offensive line that is geared to run the football all day long. By running for success, it'll open up passing lanes for Jacory and some play-action opportunities. If the Canes can't get the running game going, Ohio State's defense will tee off on Harris.

-- Discuss when Ohio State has the ball:

Gohari: Terelle Pryor is a legitimate Heisman candidate and if the Hurricanes d- linemen do not stay in their lanes Pryor can destroy UM with his feet. Keep an eye on OL Mike Adams vs DL Allen Bailey, this should be a coming out game for Bailey, and if he and the other Miami d-linemen can force Pryor to throw, the Hurricanes definitely have a shot. When Pryor does choose to throw the ball, WR DeVier Posey is a phenomenal athlete and Brandon Harris should have his hands full, a great matchup to see. Herron and Saine are a powerful duo at RB for the Buckeyes, if the Canes can't stop the Ohio State rushing attack they will be in big trouble. Bottom Line: If the Buckeye rushing attack gets rolling, it will be a tough game for the Canes.

Bakas: The Canes must find ways to limit Pryor's big plays on the ground. He's been inconsistent as a passer up to this point and the Canes must force him to beat them. Slow down the running game, prevent Pryor from keeping plays open with his feet, and force him to beat them throwing it. I don't think he can, even with premier WR DeVier Posey. If Pryor starts eating up chunks of yards on the ground, the Buckeyes should roll offensively.

-- Score Predictions:

Gohari: 35 Um 31 OSU. MVP is Matt Bosher. Lets Go Canes!

Bakas: Canes 24, Ohio State 21. The Canes are due. Biggest win in the program's recent history. This is Miami's best team since 2003 and the entire nation will see why later this afternoon.

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