Shannon: Player twitter accounts are closed

Head coach Randy Shannon talked about a number of issues a few days following his team's loss to Ohio State.

* He was out of town recruiting the last few days (something that he's doing much earlier this year, considering he's always started doing that in December).

* On the INT's. "Jacory is fine. One time, a guy didn't finish a route." They saw those things on film and those things will get fixed. Seeing those mistakes early can help the team improve for the remainder of the season.

* "All have done a great job," when asked about the WRs. "Hankerson has been open a lot but when he gets doubled, those other guys have opportunities and they have."

* "As a team, we all make decisions together and we talked about it. Now, we need to shut it down and get back focused on football," when asked about shutting down Twitter accounts. "At UM, we have standards that are held high and we want our football players to understand that." Facebook hasn't been a problem but if so, they'll address it.

* "I'm really excited about Orlando Franklin and Figueroa and Jermaine Johnson. Those guys went against a good defensive line and showed good things. We had a sack up the middle but the tackles did a great job of holding up in a big game. I'm really happy with their progress of playing tackle."

* The blocked field goal was a result of many things -- he didn't put the blame on anyone.

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