Team Evaluation: Part II (defense)

Following each game this season, I'll break down the team and who's doing what, by position. This will give fans a chance to see who's playing, who isn't, who's redshirting, and different things like that. This version looks at the defense after two games.

Defensive End:
Allen Bailey and Olivier Vernon have been the two starters. Vernon had 3.5 sacks against FAMU but wasn't able to generate a lot of pressure against Ohio State. Bailey was solid against OSU but he hasn't quite lived up to his expectations through two games. Adewale Ojomo has been No. 3 and has made a few plays for the Canes. Marcus Robinson has been No. 4 but has had a limited impact so far through two games. He may miss the next game with an ankle injury. Andrew Smith has been No. 5. He didn't dress for the FAMU game but saw some action against Ohio State, not making any plays. Dyron Dye has been No. 6, having played some vs FAMU but he didn't see the field against OSU when the Canes used just five defensive ends. True freshman David Perry hasn't dressed in either game and is on track to redshirt.

Defensive Tackle:
Marcus Forston has been the best guy of the group so far. He's been active, tough to block, and has made a few plays behind the line of scrimmage. Josh Holmes has been the other starter and has had a small impact through two games. Micanor Regis and Curtis Porter have been 3 and 4. Both sat out the opener but played as backups against Ohio State. Regis was solid and Porter not far behind. Porter injured his knee against OSU and may be out for awhile. Luther Robinson has been No. 5, playing a lot against FAMU but not dressing against OSU. Jeremy Lewis is out for the season with a knee injury. Jeffrey Brown didn''t dress for FAMU but did for Ohio State. He's not expected to contribute much but with the depth concerns now, he'll likely continue to travel and dress for the road games.

Colin McCarthy, Sean Spence, and Kylan Robinson have been the starters. Spence and McCarthy have been pretty active but both have made some mistakes too. They've been a solid tandem and should continue giving the Canes solid LB play. Robinson hasn't been much of a factor through the first two games but may continue playing over Ramon Buchanan because he knows the defense so well. Buchanan has been the No. 4 and has been more active than Robinson but is still learning. No other LB's played against Ohio State on defense. MLB Kelvin Cain is the backup to McCarthy in the middle and he played a lot in the 2nd half vs FAMU. Jimmy Gaines is a backup on the outside and played some against FAMU. Jordan Futch sat out the opener but played on special teams against Ohio State. He's getting worked back in slowly following ACL surgery last October. C.J. Holton and Shayon Green have played on special teams in both of the first two games. Tyrone Cornileus didn't play vs FAMU but played on special teams against Ohio State. Freshman Kevin Nelson hasn't dressed for either game and is on track to redshirt. Freshman Travis Williams is out for the season with an injury and will redshirt.

Brandon Harris has been the best one. Demarcus Van Dyke has been the other starter. Brandon McGee has played a bunch and Ryan Hill has been on the field a lot through the first two games. Converted RB Lee Chambers has been No. 5. He played a lot against FAMU but none against OSU. Corey Nelms has been No. 6, playing some the first week but none last weekend. Freshmen Keion Payne and Devont'a Davis haven't dressed for either game and could be in line for redshirts.

Vaughn Telemaque and Ray Ray Armstrong have been the starters. Armstrong's been more of a playmaker but both have missed some tackles and blown some assignments. JoJo Nicolas has been No. 3, playing some in each of the first two games. Freshman Kacy Rodgers has been No. 4, playing some vs FAMU but none vs OSU. Jamal Reid and Jared Campbell haven't played in either of the first two games.

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