Harris talks about hate message

Jacory Harris says he received a hate message on twitter recently. Read on to see what he's saying about that, the Ohio State game, moving on from it, and more.

On the interceptions vs OSU:
I still take the blame. I gotta make better reads and help those guys out. It's a team thing and it's not just one person. I'm still gonna take the blame.

On a hate message he got on Twitter:
Looking at the social networking, it gets kinda crazy. Those things don't bother me when you have a family. They always keep my spirits up. They let you know everything's gonna be fine. As long as those guys are saying it's alright, you'll be OK.

On how he reacted:
I told myself right after the game not to look at. These aren't coaches making comments. You see things that hurt because they're your fans. They write you an encouraging message right before the game and then after the game they say they don't want a black quarterback and things like that. I don't respond back.

On if it's surprising:
I don't know if it's new because this is my first season using twitter. I'm not really worried about it. It's part of it.

On the mistakes vs OSU:
We could have easily executed the plays and came out with a victory. Ohio State played a base defense and we made a lot of mistakes.

On where he can improve:
I wanna improve on being more focused on my job and not trying to micromanage the offense. I'm gonna leave it in the hands of Leonard Hankerson at receiver, Tyler Horn at offensive line, and Damien Berry at running back and let them take care of their positions and I'll take care of mine.

On apologizing for the OSU loss:
There are still fans out there who support us and we appreciate the support. A lot of people came and spent a lot of money to watch us win and I wanted to let them know that we wanna go out and win games. We want them to come to our games and support us so we gotta show them that we're a good team.

On losing early:
The way college football is set up, it's better to lose earlier. You don't wanna lose at all but you never know what's gonna happen down the line.

On being 8-12 on the road during the Shannon era:
I can't really tell. It's still a game. They have more of their fans there. We gotta improve on 8-12. I didn't know that.

On Leonard Hankerson being such a target:
I'm not really looking for him. He's in the right spot at the right time. He's always wide open when I throw it to him. He works hard and does everything right.

On the confidence of the receivers:
Everyone is becoming a lot more confident in what they're doing. They're going with their first thought and that's always right. We're focusing on Pittsburgh and adjusting to get prepared.

On how many hate messages he's gotten:
I don't read them all. It's a lot. You scroll through and that's the one I picked to read and I guess it's the wrong one.

On if he's gotten threatening ones:
I'm not sure.

On whether he's gotten hate messages before:
It's happened before but it's nothing I'm worried about. I'm not so you shouldn't be worried about it.

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