Q&A with Marcus Forston

Read on to see everything defensive tackle Marcus Forston is saying a few days before the big game against Pittsburgh.

On Jacory telling him about the tweet:
He didn't tell me everything about it but a little bit. Fans are gonna be fans. Some of them take it hard that we lost. Like I told him, you gotta be strong. It's part of football. You're gonna have some fans with you when you're winning and some will be on your side even when you're losing. There are a few out there that you gotta keep walking. You gotta brush that off.

On if that was surprising:
Especially where I came from and where I grew up in Liberty City. Hearing something like that, being here at a diverse school, you thought we were past that. We all came to this school together. Even our locker room is diverse. You don't wanna hear anything like that, ever.

On having a black head coach and a black QB:
They made the right decision making Coach Shannon the head coach and Jacory the starter. Even Coach Haith. All of those guys have done a great job, stressing academics first and for Jacory being a role model, not only on the football field but in the community as well. He has an impact on little kids.

On the Pitt game:
It's gonna be a physical game, in the trenches. You've gotta come with your mind right. You try making a new line of scrimmage. It's gonna come down to who's coming off the ball, who's shooting their hands, and who's getting off blocks. They have two great running backs, number 28 and number 1. They're shifty but also very powerful.

On the tackles for loss numbers:
You gotta love that. Like I said last week, Coach Petri stresses little things as far as how you want both of your feet upfield, little things like that. My hands and the way I get off blocks, I've gotten so much better from working under this guy. It's a pleasure to work with him.

On the competition for those:
Me, Adewale, and Micanor Regis, we always say, 'I guarantee I'll get to the quarterback first, get to the running back first' and that has us shooting off blocks like rockets. Regis and Wally always wanna get a piece of everything so I gotta try taking the guys down quick so they don't get ahead of me in tackles for a loss.

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