Q&A with Chase Ford

Read on to see everything tight end Chase Ford is saying a few days before the big game against Pittsburgh.

On his blocking:
It's coming along pretty good. The defensive ends we have down here give us a great look. They're big, strong guys and blocking them every day in practice gives us great looks for games.

On how he's coming along:
I go out and try getting better every day. I figure I'm better from day one.

On the tweet to Jacory:
The fans were upset that we lost. We were upset that we lost. Jacory Harris is our quarterback and that's it.

On Jacory:
He's a great guy, a good leader. Even though it was a rough game, he was trying to get us to come on, saying we were still in it. He's a good leader.

On Pitt:
Pitt is a good team. You don't ever play a sorry team at this level. They're a pretty good team, I expect.

On Jacory bouncing back:
If he goes up there and throws five touchdowns against Pitt, it'll all be good. We're lucky we have Jacory. It was just a bad, rough game. It'll come along. It was just a rough game.

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