Anderson Headed South?

Rhyan Anderson might be the top prospect in the state of Wisconsin this season, if not the Midwest. The Oak Creek product told Badger Nation that he was leaning toward leaving the state of Wisconsin. Could he be headed to south Florida?

Oak Creek defensive end Rhyan Anderson has been pretty taken aback by the recent interest that's come his way regarding his college decision.

"I don't know why (it's happening)," Anderson said Monday night. "To tell the truth, I think I'm just lucky. I guess I'm pretty fast for my size. I haven't seen anybody as fast as me. And I guess I'm pretty strong."

Many college coaches would agree that is a major understatement. According to Midwest Recruiting Expert Chris Pool, Anderson might be the top overall prospect in the Midwest. At 6-6, 260 pounds, Anderson is a dynamite defensive end/tight end that is highly regarded as the best prospect in the state of Wisconsin.

But Anderson cautioned Badger fans that staying in-state is not his first choice at this time.

"Leaving is my first choice," Anderson said. "I would rather go to Miami than any of (my choices), and Oklahoma would be next. They're not really in order, but I would say Wisconsin would be my third choice...I have a lot of friends and family in Oklahoma and it's a pretty safe community. I've never lived in Miami but I think it would be a good experience to live out there."

Anderson received handwritten letters from Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Purdue and Ohio State over the last few days, and he received a formal offer to attend Wisconsin's camp in the mail yesterday.

"I've been thinking about going to that camp, and I will probably go to camp at Oklahoma also," Anderson said.

But Anderson has declined invitations to visit Wisconsin thus far.

"I usually don't have time, because I have to work right after I finish weightlifting," Anderson said. "I just have other priorities I have to take care of."

Anderson works down the street from his home at the Salvation Army, where his duties include running the cash register and organizing clothes. He used to play basketball, but quit the second sport to focus on offseason weightlifting. In his spare time, Anderson enjoys working with computers, and he's planning on majoring in computer science.

While Anderson watches a lot of football on television, he's never been a huge fan of college football.

"When I was younger I liked the Cowboys because that's when they were good," Anderson said. "My favorite players are linebackers. Ray Lewis, I like the way he plays, and (Buffalo Bills') Takeo Spikes. I never really watched college football, but I like watching individual players. I don't like certain teams."

It will be a long time until Anderson makes his college decision. But it appears for the Badgers, it will be an uphill battle to land the state's top prospect.

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