Ryan Hill Q&A

Read on to see everything cornerback Ryan Hill is saying a few days before Miami's big game at Clemson.

On this week:
This is a big week but every week is a big week as a Miami Hurricane. We'll have a great gameplan this weekend, try to go up there and come out with a victory.

On playing on the road again:
It seems like we've been on the road forever. I like road games. I think a lot of players, we get pumped up for them, especially when you're on national TV. It's always fun going into another environment, having a chance to play in front of not your home crowd. Football is football, though. When the whistles go and the lights go on, you still have to do what you're taught.

On the OT game at Clemson before:
I've been here 5 years now and we expect to win the ACC every year. The fact that we haven't done it yet is kinda surprising but things don't always work out the way you plan. You have to keep fighting, keep going back to the drawing board, finding ways to make things happen.

On coming together as a team:
You can grasp a lot of things. Coach Shannon and the coaches have been talking about getting from special teams, offense, defense, tackling, stripping the ball, getting turnovers, the list goes on and on. Once we get those things together, it's gonna make the game a whole lot easier. That's where we have to come in and execute what they've been teaching us during the week.

On Kyle Parker:
He's a good quarterback. I heard he played baseball, too. When you have that, obviously he's a smart guy. He uses things to the best of his ability. They have a great tight end, who is his leading receiver. They're gonna have a great game plan. We gotta make sure we're ready for it.

On Sean Spence:
Sean is a phenomenal player. He's smart, he has a knack for the ball. For him to be undersized and to be the caliber of player he is, I dont know how he does it. I was telling guys last time, when I'm covering, I'm so focused on my job but all I hear is 'Sean Spence on the tackle' and I look up and he's celebrating. He's smart and he works hard. When that front seven is doing their job, it makes our jobs a whole lot easier. That's what we appreciate, them getting pressure on the quarterbacks.

On Spence's personality:
Sean is a jokester. I'm a little older but Sean has a phenomenal character. I love him to death.

Any funny Spence stories:
We call him B-Rabbit because his teeth are kinda big. Me and Marcus Forston gave him that name. I don't have anything bad to say about him.

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