Q&A with Tyler Horn

Read on to see everything center Tyler Horn is saying a few days before the big game.

On going to Clemson:
We treat it as a challenge. They're challenging us to come into their home and get a win there and that's a tough thing to do, especially places like Ohio State, Pittsburgh, and Clemson. We don't care. We're going into a hostile environment and we're going to try for a win.

On having played at OSU:
It's gonna help because Ohio State was really, really loud. From what I hear, Clemson, Death Valley, is supposed to be really loud -- one of the loudest in the country. We've gotten good practices and now we just have to go up there and execute.

On the ACC schedule starting:
We know it's conference now. These are the games we have to win to get where we wanna go. Every game is important, though, and they teach you that in grade school.

On Clemson's D-Line:
They're big guys and they're strong guys. They're good, real good up front. They have a lot of talent so we gotta go up there and try to match their intensity and overcome them and win.

On where Clemson's D-Line will rank:
They're about as good as we're gonna face. They're a really good defense.

On Jacory's confidence:
His confidence is fine. Jacory is a high spirited guy, always bouncing back. He got roughed up a little bit but he's fine, the same ole Jacory.

On Jacory taking hits vs Pitt:
It's a sense of embarrassment. You don't feel good. You don't even wanna watch it. It hurts to watch. It's something you have to look at and learn from, how to fix your technique. If you do this differently, Jacory doesn't get hit. You have to take with and learn from it.

On Seantrel Henderson:
He's doing well. Ever since he got here, every day is getting better. As the year goes on, you're gonna see him go more. He's a good player and he's been earning his time on the field.

On Henderson learning:
He asks me all the time. He's up with the coaches, with the GA's, trying to learn the offense so he can get on the field. He has a lot of desire in him.

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