Q&A with LaRon Byrd

Read on to see everything wide receiver LaRon Byrd is saying a few days before the big game against Clemson.

On silencing the crowd:
As long as we go in there and execute, go down and score on the first drive, we'll silence them up a little bit.

On not having won the ACC yet:
It's kind of a surprise but at the same time, you have great teams out there in the ACC. We have to do what we have to do here at Miami to get to that level.

On Clemson's defense:
They get after it. Their safety, McDaniel, is one of the top safeties in the conference. He's a big guy, will put the hit on you. Their D-Line is very athletic, their corners will play man coverage.

On his game vs Pitt:
It builds your confidence up more, makes you feel on the same page with the quarterback. If he puts trust into you to throw 6 or 7 passes your way, it's great going into the next game.

On Shannon saying the picks are on the receivers:
He's definitely right. When that ball's in the air, it's the receiver's job to get the ball. The quarterback has to put it there. Big time receivers make big time plays in key situations.

On balls up for grabs:
You either bat it down or take the 15 yard penalty but don't let him catch the interception.

On Jacory's mindset:
He's doing good. That doesn't phase him. At the end of the day, interceptions are interceptions. We just didn't execute but you have to move on. He came in the next day, we watched film, and now the focus is on Clemson.

On the trust:
You always wanna have your quarterback trusting your receivers. When you get to the point when he's not throwing it up, you gotta question that. As long as he's throwing it up, the receiver has to make the play.

On the quality of receivers:
That's the great thing about this group. You focus on Leonard Hankerson, I'll have a big game. If you focus on me, Travis Benjamin will have a big game. If you focus on all three, Aldarius Johnson will have a big game.

On Travis Benjamin:
He's just like, 'I'll get 'em next play.' If he makes a mistake, he'll run a punt back for a touchdown. Speed kills every day and that's one thing he'll always have an advantage with.

On the noon kickoff:
The game's gonna come up fast. Hopefully it'll be hot because we're used to that.

On their crowd:
I want the crowd to be there. I don't want them having any excuses. It's gonna be a great game. The coaches have said it's a hostile environment. We gotta go in there, ready to block some of the noise out. At the same time, they have a great supporting cast. I'm sure we'll travel a lot of fans up there.

On getting used to playing on the road:
Our first few games were on the road so it helps prepare you to play on the road, how to carry yourself on the road. I feel this game will be the same thing.

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