Q&A with Marcus Forston

Read on to see everything defensive tackle Marcus Forston is saying a few days before the big game at Clemson.

On going to Clemson:
I love it. You come to UM for that, those loud crowds, hating that orange and green when it comes out of the tunnel. The fans can't play the game though.

On the noon kickoff:
We practiced in the morning so by us being up early, by 12 that's late to us.

On the first two road games:
That just warmed us up. Going to a loud stadium like Ohio State, 110,000 fans, then going to Pitt, an NFL stadium, you get used to the noise. As long as we get our signals in, everyone knows their assignments on the field, thats all that matters.

On the key to stopping their offense:
We gotta stop Kyle Parker. He's a great passer and can make things happen with his feet. They have two great running backs who can catch it and run it.

On their O-Line:
They do a lot of zone blocking in the run and in the pass, they're athletic guys who can move their feet -- like our guys a little bit.

On the last 3 games going to OT:
Anytime you get two ACC teams going to make the ACC championship, guys are gonna leave everything on the field. They'll have lots of energy, knowing they're at home and against Miami.

On Jacory's mindset:
He's going great. Make the people stop talking about you. You keep doing what you're doing, keep making plays, we keep winning, and everything will be alright. They call me the granddaddy of the people who came from Northwestern. They come to me when they need something, even if it's something bad. They need that advice that will get them back focused.

On Sean Spence:
That's my roommate. We've been talking about this for awhile. We wanna be two guys on defense, dominating and making plays. Give it your all for this UM defense. We're trying to get back to one of those great defenses and I see flashes of that.

On what separates him:
He comes with a lot of leverage. He'll always win the pad level battle. The coaches focus on that. The lowest man will win and he comes hard and brings a lot of pain.

On Spence playing hurt vs Clemson in 2009:
At that time, I just had my surgery and we just talked about how God does everything for a reason. When he got hurt, we had the same conversation. When he got back against South Florida, he made a big impact.

On what people may not know about Spence:
I don't think they know how smart he is. At linebacker, you're going to make a lot of plays but when you see a guy always in the right spot, you gotta wonder what he has that other linebackers don't have. He has it upstairs. He sees things before they happen. His mom is a principal so she's always on him with the books, calling him every night.

On Spence's strong game vs OSU and Pitt:
He don't brag about it. At the end of the day, we haven't done anything yet. We've been 2-1 and we've been 4-1. At the end of the season, when things go bad, we gotta stay focused and he gotta show other players that he didn't do anything. What we accomplish will be at the end of the year.

On the difference of the D-Line this year:
Coach Petri. Every week, this a guy who stresses everything, the little things. How the D-Line playing is amazing. People see how much work we put in and how much work Coach Petri puts in.

On the momentum of making plays as a unit:
You can feel it when you come off the ball and you see a new line of scrimmage, when you're two yards in their backfield. We have a lot of tackles for loss, quarterback pressures, and sacks. When things like that, you wanna keep on saying that, especially with the crowd and see your sideline going crazy. It's all about pad level, leverage, and making it happen in their backfield.

On the number of plays:
It shows how dominant the defensive line can be. We can't look back. We can only keep on getting better. If we do worse than last week, the defense ain't doing the job and we're cheating them.

On wearing a cast on his hand:
I'm OK. This happened last week in practice. I played with it (against Pitt).

On Parker's rib injury vs Auburn:
He's at a Division 1 school so that back problem will be taken care of. They have great trainers. You can't go in the game thinking about that.

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