Q&A with Colin McCarthy

Read on to see everything linebacker Colin McCarthy is saying a few days before the big game against Florida State.

On this week:
It's a huge game -- ACC game, at night, at our stadium. You can't ask for much more than that.

On the rivalry:
The Miami/Florida State rivalry has always been full of great games. Ever since I've been here, it's always been whoever has the ball last. It's always fun and always physical. We're excited.

On the ending of last year's game:
Ponder scrambled around. They had three or four opportunities to score there in our endzone. As a defense, we held up.

On stressing turnovers:
A lot. I think we've grown a lot. That was a step in the direction we're kinda building on now. Our defense has been playing great. We've been forcing a lot of bad passes, lots of fumbles, just trying to wreck havoc in the backfield.

On what the defense has done:
Everything is just clicking now. Guys feel a lot more comfortable. The coaches, they're hard on us every day in practice, stressing turnovers, stressing stripping the football. Come game time, it's just second nature.

On containing Christian Ponder:
It's gonna be hard. He's a real athletic quarterback. He doesn't look to scramble but he's a good runner so you've gotta do a good job containing him, getting pressure on him, and hopefully forcing him to making some turnovers.

On FSU's O-Line:
Their offensive line is their strength. They have a lot of veteran guys, a lot of leaders on the offensive line. They do a great job blocking and getting to the second level. It's gonna be key for us to come downhill as linebackers and as a D-Line.

On FSU's running backs:
I think they have two or three of them back there. They're all kinda different. They have some bigger backs. They have one smaller back who is kinda shifty. They're all great running backs. They wouldn't be at Florida State if they weren't. We play against great running backs every day in practice so we're excited about the opportunity to see how good they are.

On the primetime kickoff:
That's the atmosphere you look for in a game, especially against Florida State. We're both 3-1 now so it's gonna be a great game.

On the road team winning the last 3 in this series:
Hopefully that doesn't happen this year. Hopefully we can break that trend.

On if this is the best UM defense he's been on:
I'd say it's one of them. What helps us is the way we play together. We're real unselfish and we just wanna win and people are willing to do their job and I think that's what makes us that good.

On Clemson's long run:
It was just a great cut. They had a zone blocking scheme going that way and he found a gash and took it for 70. I think we did a good job other than that.

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