Q&A with Ryan Hill

Read on to see everything cornerback Ryan Hill, who grew up a FSU fan in Tallahassee, is saying a few days before the big game against the Noles.

On this week's game:
This is Florida State week so obviously guys are excited. This is what you come to Miami for. I'm from Tallahassee so you won't have to give me a pep talk or anything. I'll be excited come Saturday night.

On if he grew up an FSU fan:
Most definitely. When you're born in Leon County, you breed Garnet and Gold for a certain time. Going into my senior year of high school I realized Florida State wasn't a school for me. It wasn't where I wanted to be as a player.

On how intense the crowd will be:
You're Garnet and Gold or Orange and Green. I think when FSU plays in Tallahassee, the Leon County Jail has the most incoming inmates on those nights so you see how they get.

On when he started changing his mind in favor of UM:
I was there when Roscoe Parrish had to go to the hospital. It was pouring rain. That's one of the main things I saw -- the Miami defense, guys running around, they had character. I saw myself in that light and I always imagined myself being a Miami player my last two years of high school and that's what really boosted me coming to Miami as opposed to Florida State.

On the close games in recent years:
Nerve-wracking. If we had it our way as players, we want blowouts, shutouts. You gotta think more realistically about the rivalry. A lot of these guys we played with in high school, know them personally. Some of us are even related. They play hard, regardless of the record, it's gonna be a close game. Guys fight harder when they play Miami and just like when we play Florida State.

On FSU's speed at receiver:
Me and Vaughn Telemaque were watching film and the first thing we noticed is how much quicker they are than anyone we've faced this year. They come from the state of Florida, most of them. They're all around good players and we gotta do what we do in Miami football.

On Bobby Bowden not being there anymore:
I thought I was gonna die before he left Florida State. Bobby Bowden, this guy has a stain glass image of him in the stadium. When you think of Tallahassee, you think of him for a quick second. Coach Fisher is doing a great job and I'm sure he's gonna have his team ready Saturday night.

On creating more turnovers lately:
Each week, that's something we practice every day -- stripping the ball, intercepting balls, recovering fumbles. As much as you practice it, the coaches tell you it'll come. We had six last game. That's something we want to get every week. Will it happen? It may or may not. If we keep executing like the coaches want us to do, I think we'll be fine coming down the season.

On what's been causing that:
When you have so many athletes, especially on our defense, guys who are first, second, and third team, guys are rolling in and out. Guys are coming in and they're filling the shoes. When your number is called, you gotta be ready and guys numbers are being called and they're doing a good job of being ready.

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