Q&A with Orlando Franklin

Read on to see everything left tackle Orlando Franklin is saying a few days before the big game against Florida State.

On the game this week:
This is a really exciting game. It's always a good rivalry, a real good matchup. It's been awhile. It's especially exciting to be playing in Miami. When you're playing at FSU, you can't hear anything that's going on so I'm excited to be playing down here this week.

On Florida State:
It's a real good defense. I played Markus White in high school. He's from Palm Beach. They got that other kid who is a real good player. They're leading the country in sacks right now so I'm pretty excited to go against him. We're ready for the challenge.

On going up against FSU's pass rush:
Just get better each and every day. Try not helping them with that stat. We're gonna try doing whatever we can to take care of business this week.

On the O-Line vs Clemson:
We did great but we still left a lot of points out on the field. We have to continue getting better as a whole offense. There are a lot of things we didn't do well. We only scored three points in the second half. There's a lot we gotta do to become a good offense.

On establishing the run last week:
It was a real good thing that we were physical from the start of the game. We have to continue doing that. Every offensive lineman loves to run the ball. We have to continue being physical in the running game and good things will happen for us.

On Seantrel Henderson's first start:
He played a lot better than me in my first start so I was pretty excited to see him out there. The good thing with him, he hasn't been here for a long time and you see each week that he learns more and he grows. That's the good thing about freshmen. You don't know what to expect each week. He's growing at a high rate so I'm excited to see him this week.

On help he gets from other OL:
It's good that he's playing next to Brandon Washington, who knows a lot of what's going on. If he has any issues, Brandon can help him out.

On Henderson being the freshman:
He knows who's boss (laughing).

On the rivalry:
It's just a rivalry. I'm not really from Florida but I know these guys know a lot of players on the team we're going up against. I only played one year of high school down here and I know some guys. There's a lot of trash talking that goes on. Everyone's just excited to get out there this week.

On defense creating turnovers:
It gets us another opportunity to score points and look great on offense. The more turnovers they get, I'm all for it.

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