Q&A with Brandon Washington

Read on to see everything Brandon Washington is saying a few days before the big game against North Carolina.

On winning ACC Lineman of the Week:
I just wanna thank God for the opportunity for me to win that. I felt it was kinda weird that I won it on the same day as my best friend of mine, Jasper Howard, one year death anniversary. I know he's out there watching me play. It feels good but at the same time it drives me more. It felt good but it's nothing major until I get an ACC ring.

On winning the ACC:
I feel like we can. We have a five-game season. If we win out, it's pretty much ours.

On this UNC game:
It's real big for the team, the individuals, and the coaches. This is the biggest game of everyone's lives. I never played in the game. Last year it was crazy that the game went that way. It's a game of football.

On their defense:
Their front seven is pretty good. Their linebacker corps is pretty good. We're not overlooking anyone. They're kinda young on the D-Line but so was Florida State. We believe if our front five blocks their front four it'll be a good game.

On missing several key guys:
They're still 4-2. We're 4-2, they're 4-2. They maybe miss those guys in there but they're still winning. It doesn't mean much to us.

On the bond of the OL:
We've developed a real strong bond with the group. The starting five, there have been some changes. As a unit, we're all playing with each other. We had Figueroa move back inside to guard. It feels no different. It's like a family.

On moving sides of the line:
It wasn't a big change at all. I came here to play center, guard, tackle, wherever my team needs me at. That was my whole drive.

On beating Duke:
It felt good to get that bitter taste out of my mouth from the Florida State game but I thought we could have put up more points. Not to underrate Duke but that was to be a statement game. Coming out with the win felt good.

On Damien Berry:
He's a powerhouse. He's a one-man wrecking crew. It feels good to block for someone like that, knowing if I stay on my block it could spring into a 20, 30 yard run. It feels good. All I have to do is block the guy in front of me. If my guy doesn't make the play, this could be a great run.

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