Q&A with LaRon Byrd

Read on to see everything LaRon Byrd is saying a few days before the big game against North Carolina.

On being 0-for-3 vs UNC:
No, since I've been here we came up on the short end of the stick. My freshman year they caught an interception in the endzone. Last year turnovers got us. This year will be different. We just have to execute.

On turning it around:
We have to know that just by settling for enough is not enough. We can't be satisfied for mediocrity. We have to execute on both sides of the ball. Defense has been real strong. I feel like we're getting better as an offense. I see us doing great things this weekend.

On Duke:
A win's a win. No matter what it is, by one point or 20. A win's a win.

On scoring 3 offensive touchdowns:
You can't be happy but at the same time, no one is gonna say it's going in the record book as scoring 21 points. It's going in as a win.

On UNC being primetime:
It gives us a chance to redeem ourselves. We had a prime time game against Florida State and we know how that ended. Now we have a chance to show the country that we're moving in the right direction.

On the weapons on offense:
Sometimes we're too good. At the same time, we're very versatile. You have Damien Berry, a power back. Lamar Miller is a scat back. Mike James can do it all. Travis Benjamin has the speed, Hankerson has it all. Aldarius is a route runner. We bring mismatches. As long as we combine that chemistry together, we'll be fine.

On turning it around:
We just have to keep practicing and getting better. We need extra time in the film room, extra time with the quarterbacks. If we do the little things, we're gonna gel together.

On converting short yardage situations:
If we're passing it, we should convert. If we run, we should convert. I trust my O-Line, my QB, my offensive coordinator. I feel he'll call the play and we need to execute.

On Jacory's mindset:
He's good. Jacory is laid back, very smooth. I might nickname him Rico Suave. I've never seen a guy so calm, from the media to fans from games to mistakes. I've never seen a guy more calm than him. He stays focused throughout the season. As long as his head's focused, we're fine.

On the offense underachieving:
We have so many weapons, you look to go in and score 50, 45 points per game so it's a little disappointed. At the same time, you have to take your bumps and bruises. If we just keep getting better, we'll gel together by the end of the season.

On starting slow on offense:
I wouldn't say slow. We have a little trouble. We have so many people than can get the ball and so many hands to get the ball in. That's probably hard for Coach Whipple for him to get Berry his carries, get Lamar his carries, get Hank his catches, get Aldarius his catches. As long as we come together and we're not a one man team, then we're good.

On Jacory spreading it around:
I feel like Coach Shannon and Coach Whipple have a lot of trust in Jacory and they should. He's a great quarterback. I hope he has that trust in us. He throws deep, throws to the tight ends, to the backs. This offense, we had a rocky start but at the same time we can't let that dictate the rest of the season.

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