Q&A with Brandon Harris

Read on to see everything cornerback Brandon Harris is saying before the game against Virginia on Saturday.

On the emotion of last week:
Whatever it takes to have fun out there and to just to get excited. Whatever comes to mind. It's one of those things where your emotions will lead you to do different things. I wish I could tell you what it will be this week but I guess we won't know until that play happens.

On whether he felt the team needed to play with more emotion:
Definitely. We got to this point in the season where every game will dictate where the rest of the season will go. All of our games remaining are conference games. Each one that we win puts us a step closer to our goal of reaching the ACC title game. And we understand that with just one more loss, we are pretty much out of the title hunt for that game. That's pretty much our biggest motivation.

On how hard it is to stir up that kind of emotion against Virginia on the road:

It's not difficult at all because it wasn't to long ago that Virginia completely dominated our team. Not to long ago, last game at the Orange Bowl. That's a game we're feeling off of right now even though it's been so long ago. It's so present in our minds, even the guys who were here and the guys who were being recruited here at the time. It's not the issue that Virginia is an under achieving team, because they are a great football team, they have been in positions to win, they just have been unfortunate in a situation or two. We are definitely not going in there with that type of mindset, thinking that it's going to be an easy game.

On whether he was on the sideline or at home for that game:

I was on the sideline as a junior in high school. I was lucky enough to be recruited by the University of Miami at that time.

On what he was thinking when that game was ending:
It was one of those things where you kind of leave it unexpected. You wasn't expecting that to happen. But its unfortunate in sports, sometimes like that happen at a moment like that. It makes you stronger as a team and as a program. For Randy Shannon, it was his first year here, he's definitely fueled off that, and he has reminded us of that this week.

On dancing on the sideline:
It was actually we came together as a team and as a defense. It actually started last weekend in Duke. A lot of people didn't get to see that because it wasn't broadcasted on one of the national networks. It was something we started last week and we just want to continue easy game, and allow ourselves to loosen up and have more fun out there.

On whether the play has been more consistent with the loosening up:
I definitely think so. We put ourselves in position to make some outstanding plays and just being able to have fun. As an athlete you are naturally having when you are making plays, and the more plays you make the more fun you are going to have. We have that mindset now, that if we go out there and have fun, the plays are going to come.

On sense of relief on getting pick:
I'm glad that first one is out of the way. Now the turnovers can continue to start flowing. It got to the point where I understood my role on the defense, as long as I take care of my guy and my area on the field, that that will allow the rest of the secondary members and the rest of my team to make plays. I understood that. I was trying not to be selfish about the fact that I am not getting turnovers, I was looking at the positive side. This has been the most turnovers our defense has created since I have been here. Unfortunately I am not contributing right now, but as long as I continue to do my part, everything will be fine. But I am happy I got the first one out of the way.

On whether the guys joked around with him after his first turnover:
They messed with me a lot. That came into affect a lot, with a lot of the extra celebrating after the play. It was just a huge relief for me.

On Virginia:
Virginia is a very physical football team. They have a great group of guys on offense. They run the ball really well. We definitely will have to focus and make sure we are gang tackle guys when we have too. They aren't going to back down. Every game they have played this year they have played hard.

On Allen Bailey:
He's a great teammate and he's a great person all around. He's going to do his job no matter what. He's probably not the vocal guy, but he is a great leader. He does everything the coaches ask him to do, workouts, off the field, and stuff like that. He is just great leader in that aspect.

On whether Bailey is a dancer:
He's definitely not a dancer but he does have fun with the team. He has fun in his own little way. But he definitely one of the types where your not going to do certain things because he'll make sure he puts you in line.

On what Bailey was doing while they were dancing and if he saw it:
No. I didn't catch. Bailey is usually in the crowd, but he is usually not as outgoing. He loosened up this week. It's a chance for everybody to get a lot of pressure off their chest, and just have fun, and play ball.

On what it meant giving Randy Shannon the game ball:
As a team it was huge for us. We realize how hard Coach Shannon worked and how much effort he put into it and how much he wants to win and how hard he coaches us to win. Just to get a signature win for him like that over a North Carolina program that we haven't beaten in so long, we could tell it meant a lot to him after the game, even though he didn't show it to us prior to the game, after the game he was excited and he understood that his team is trying to take the next step and make him one of the great coaches in football.

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