Q&A with Micanor Regis

Read on to see what Micanor Regis is saying before the big game against Maryland.

On what happened last game:
We lost that game.

On what happened last game with the defense getting pressure on the qb:
That was like the main reason we didn't win. So we gotta do a better job this week so we can move on.

On the Maryland QB:
We just have to do our job. Get better, get more sacks.

On why earlier games seem to not bring out the best in the U:
It doesn't matter what time is the game, it matters how we execute and how we play.

On why he felt they didn't get the necessary pressure on the qb:
We just didn't. Some games, ya got it, some games ya don't. We just didn't do it that game.

On how much they miss Josh Holmes:
Yeah, we miss him. He brings an extra duck to our d-line. He's one of the leaders, everyone that plays, he's one of the leaders because he is able to make the plays.

On how long it took to get over Jacory's hit and being removed from the game:
As a team, defensively, we knew we just had to go out and stop them. We just went out and played the game.

On if at all they were thinking about it out there playing:
No, we had to be focused on Virginia. We had to worry about stopping them.

On what it was like watching Morris really get going near the end of the game:
I really didn't see it too much. We were going over some things we had to do. It was going to be a sudden change.

On whether he has gone against him at all with the scout team:
Yeah, every once in a while. It's not a game so you can't really hit him or anything like that.

On what he can tell about him:
I really can't see, because he is throwing the ball and I'm trying to tackle him or just tag him.

On whether he has a strong arm like everyone says:
I guess so.

On whether it was harder to put the loss behind you:
On Sunday you think about it. When Monday comes, it's a new week and you forget about it.

On whether that is where they are at now:

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