Q&A with LaRon Byrd

Read on to see what wide receiver LaRon Byrd is saying before the big game against Maryland.

On whether they take the same approach with a new qb:
Yeah, we just gotta go out there and make plays for him. Get him comfortable in the trowing game and in the running game. He's just another guy slinging the ball. We have full confidence in him and we think he's going to get the job done.

On whether the start at QB this week is more important:
That's every game. You always want to start out with a little bit of fire and you want to start out on top. Like ya know, score on the first drive. Definitely they are going to give him a lot of blitzes. That is what Maryland does anyways. All they do is blitz, they might play a little Cover 2 here and there. But that is what the defense does, so we just have to be ready for it.

On whether they can hurt Maryland because of the way that they attack:
Well, we gotta do what we gotta do. We leave it in the coaches hands, whatever Coach Whipple has planned. For Stephen to run this offense, is what we gotta do. We gotta rally around him.

On what Stephen was like in the huddle:
He was very calm, very calm. It was kinda shocking to see. When he came in there he was very calm. I guess, Coach Shannon always says, you never know when injuries are going to happen, and you never know when it's going to be your time and your time to play. Football is only a one snap game, anything can happen. Unfortunately Jacory went down and I think he did and great job coming in and stepping up.

On what he said to the guys in the huddle:
Basically, first thing he said was I got you boys. And everybody was like that's whats up. Orlando, is a senior on the offensive line, he was like ok i'm gonna make sure you dont get sacked. He was like I got you boys just give me a little bit of time. He was very confident and I think it showed.

On success in the second half with him at QB and whether it makes them more comfortable:
It just makes you realize that he is ready. I think he knows that his mind is right, his mind frame is right and he's not scared. He's not scared and is very confident. That definitely gives you, as a team, a big overview like whoa our quarterback is going to be ready going into the game.

On the team's mood:
After every loss, it hurts. No matter if its a big game, a small game, no matter what it is, a loss hurts. But you gotta keep moving forward. You can't keep looking back. Things happen, it's the game of football. It's a 50/50 chance everytime you strap the pads on.

On whether it hurts more than a couple of weeks ago:
A loss is a loss, it never feels good.

On why they play their best football when the chips are at their worst:
I don't know. I guess that's the way the balls have been swinging lately. We know it's all on us, it's all on the players. Definitely. Definitely on the players. I know a lot of media say the coaches have nothing to do with it. It's us players. We gotta step up, we gotta make the plays when we need it, we gotta make the stops when we need it. We just got execute. It comes down to no excuses, none of that. We just have to play football the way we know how.

On whether there is leadership amongst the players:
I feel the leadership is there, but like I said, when you aren't executing, of course a lot of questions are going to come. Why aren't these guys not coming out hot, just all of it is execution. If you aren't executing, you are going to make it look like that.

On why this late in the season execution is still an issue:
Like I said, it's the game of football. It happens, it happens. No matter what team you are playing, you can never take a game off, you are never going to over look an opponent, like I said it's a 50/50 chance every time you strap on those pads.

On what he has saw from Jacory the last couple of days:
Oh he's been good. He's been really good. Only thing that is different, was his injury status. Besides that, he's great. He's the same guy, walking around, talking fine. Everything is good with him.

On whether he seems to be bothered by his injury:
Na, he's good.

On whether there is now no margin for error:
That's what it was from day one. You never want to lose a game. I don't know not one person in this world who goes to the game and is like we could lose this one. You never want to lose, but at the same time, we definitely know now, one more slip what are you playing for.

On whether he felt energy was lacking before Jacory got hurt:
Not so much. I just think that we kinda started off slow. I think we under estimated them. I think we under estimated them by them losing two conference games. I think we kinda went in thinking we were going to blow them out. Those guys came to play, not taking anything from them, those guys came to play and we didn't.

On how much the receivers have worked with Morris:
We've worked with him a lot. He gets first team reps. Before practice, pre-practice, we have hook drills with the quarterbacks. So he gets a lot of reps with us. He get a lot of reps after practice, a lot of guys stay around and run extra routes for him. I think he has been getting a good amount of reps, in the summer time too. I feel comfortable with the amount of reps he's gotten.

On how the balls comes off different from his passes:
Probably throw the ball a little harder. That's about it. I feel like they are the same. Same placement, same ball placement. He's got a little more zip on it.

On whether more zip is a good thing:
It's whatever. As long as the ball is there, you gotta make the play. So it don't matter if it's coming slow, fast, it don't matter how it's coming, you got to make the play. So as long as he is getting it out there that's all that matters.

On deep ball at Virginia and if him catching it would have change the complexion of the game:
I think it would have. I take full responsibility for that. If you wanna make big plays, you got to step on plays like that and score. So I definitely take that one. But, we just got to from the start of the game, start off with a little fire under us and keep it going through and I think we lacked off after that first drive.

On how frustrating it is shooting yourself in the foot the last couple of weeks:
That's the main thing. If you set back and look at all of these games that we lost, if you really analyze the games, Miami beat Miami. You look at the Ohio State game, we didn't execute how we were supposed to. We had penalties, we had mental errors. We had the kinda things in that game, we lost. Also the Florida State game, and in this game, also the same thing in this game. I don't really see that a team just came in there and beat us. We killed ourselves.

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