Q&A with Jermaine Johnson

Read on to see what offensive lineman Jermaine Johnson is saying a few days before the Georgia Tech game.

On whether they felt like the running game was wearing down Maryland:
Yeah, we felt the momentum. We kept running the ball, kept pounding them and pounding them. As the game went on they started to get fatigued and things like that, so we felt like we had the edge on that, so we just kept on doing what we had to do.

On whether that was the mind set going into the game:
Yes sir. Yes it was.

On how important it was to stay on the field to keep their offense off of it:
With fast paced offenses and stuff like that, by the defense trying to adjust to what they are trying to do, us running up to the line and running our offense, and stuff like that.

On Georgia Tech's 3-4 and what makes them tough:
Their linebackers. They've got very big, athletic linebackers. They're great players and stuff like that. Basically their defense is made for linebackers.

On it being different blocking for that:
It's a different animal. More like reading, and read technique, and stuff like that. We've been coming up here extra hours and watching film on those guys.

On how you decide on who to double team and who not to:
It's way different. It's a way lot different.

On what you do to figure that out:
Basically where the linebackers are lined up and stuff like that. I know where we are trying to make out double teams blocks up to the linebackers.

On the tempo of the huddle and Stephen Morris:
Yeah, it is. Us as a unit, as the O-line, we try to keep his confidence up, keep it rising. Just basically, keep his composure so he can make plays. He's a good player. He's going to be a good player here.

On if he is surprised at how calm Morris has been:
Yeah, I'm real surprised. Especially from the quarterback position as a freshman. That kid got game, man.

On the offense having to score a lot of points to stay in the game this week:
Basically we just got to, as soon as we get the ball, we just got to light it up, we just got to set the tempo for the whole team. Just give everybody confidence, and just feed off of the energy of what we are trying to do.

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