Q&A with Harland Gunn

Read on to see what offensive lineman Harland Gunn is saying a few days before the big game against Georgia Tech.

On this week:
One thing we wanted to do this week was really just, rally up the guys, the whole offense, take the field. Just go out and execute. Stephen did it.

On whether the mind set is different with a guy making his first career start behind center and if it makes the offensive line want to dominate because of it:
We want to do that every game, regardless of who's the quarterback. It all starts at the line of scrimmage anyways. It starts and ends with us. I don't think it's any different. We took the same approach like we did every week. We just want to come out and dominate, execute. I don't think there is too much of a different.

On how satisfying it is to have two options that can lead the offense:
It makes you more comfortable. It makes you more comfortable knowing that you are building the depth. It's not just the quarterback, it's having it everywhere, especially on the o-line, we have a lot of offensive lineman, a lot of d-lineman. Depth is always good on the team. And I am glad we are good in that, everywhere.

On having the success last week:
Throughout the week of practice, we said we were going to take a different attitude toward running the football. We believe that running the football is an attitude. I think we really changed the attitude and our mindset about how we are going to approach the running game. We just came out and tried to execute and dominate the line of scrimmage. Just a different approach, a different attitude this week.

On how all the bodies needing blocked were accounted for:
We had a scheme, the coaches put us in the right position, we executed it. We came out on top that day.

On Lamar Miller and some of the other freshmen on the team:
It's like earlier on when you guys talked to me about Stephen coming in, that's another thing with the depth that we have, especially at running back. We have great running backs, they are all very talented and gifted. I will take any of them to start or whatever. They are a tight core. Lamar did well. I am proud of him. He's a freshman, he's very mature, a lot of the freshmen are very mature for their age, some of them you don't see, they are mature as well. Guys are coming along. That depth is really what we need now. It is finally showing and you guys are starting to see that.

On whether he is impressed with the batch of young guys they have now:
Here at UM, you see a lot of young guys playing early. Every year they bring in good talent. A lot of humble guys and they work hard too.

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