Q&A with Allen Bailey

Read on to see what defensive end Allen Bailey is saying a few days before the Georgia Tech game.

On how much it helps playing Georgia Tech before:
We played against them the last couple of years. We know what to expect and what not.

On what the difference was last year against them compared to two years ago:
Just that loss up there, and everybody focusing that whole weak on their assignments each play, and playing focused the whole game.

On whether it was a shell shock, the first game:
Not me because they run that type offense where I am from, so I have seen it before.

On whether it was a shock being on the field going where is the ball where is the ball:
It is if you haven't seen that type of offense, but after everyone takes their assignments, it becomes pretty simple.

On what the talk is with the quarterback there:
The quarterback is key there, but he got hurt. It might be a little different, but it's still the same thing. You have to figure out your assignments.

On them barely throwing the ball:
There are chances for sacks like that, so I guess you got to tackle for a loss or something like that.

On facing chop blocks:
No one likes to be cut, so we have to practice that all week. From chop blocks, from the line of scrimmage and off of it.

On whether this is a week they really have to concentrate really hard:
Yeah, it really is. We have to focus in on every snap, because they are going to be doing that the whole game.

On still being in contention:
With the losses, it still feels great to still be in the run. We just have to finish out strong.

On how hard it is not to be worried about the North Carolina/Virginia Tech game:
We have to focus in on this week. We control our destiny, week by week. We have to win out.

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