Q&A with Sean Spence

Read on to see what linebacker Sean Spence is saying a few days before the Georgia Tech game.

On Georgia Tech using their backup QB:
Not a big difference. He came in and did a pretty good job. I am really looking forward to the challenge.

On what has been done so things are going to be different against them this year:
Guys just get in and watch film, believing in what coaches are doing, and doing our jobs.

On how much it helps knowing they have seen their system the last two years:
A lot. It is a difficult offense, not many teams run it. Having seen it twice since I have been here, it's a positive for us.

On what losing to them so badly two years ago was like for the players:
It was a bad feeling. All of the went up there and they ran for nearly 500 yards. It was embarrassing and I still have a bad taste in my mouth.

On the difficulty of the triple option:
That's why we hate the triple offense. Everyone has to do their jobs. Tackle the guy, if he don't have it, tackle the quarterback if he don't have it. Just tackle everybody.

On what happens if you don't tackle everybody:
You get gashed in big runs.

On their passing:
They like taking a lot of shots to keep the DB's and safeties honest.

On getting a facemask call last week against the tight end:
I don't know but that is what the ref called.

On whether that was the first play that he wanted to see afterwords:
No. I didn't get a chance to watch it. It is behind me, I am focused on Georgia Tech right now.

On how last weeks performance carries over to this week:
Getting off the field on third downs, creating short fields for our quarterbacks, and just making plays. Going out there forcing turnovers, stopping guys in the backfield, stopping the run.

On if it changes the emphasis on things this week:
Yeah, we just have to go back to fundamentals. Not getting over excited, being patient, and doing our job.

On whether seeing flags gets frustrating:
No, you can't let things like that get to you, because then it will affect the next play.

On how they feel about this season:
We aren't where we want to be, still a lot of football left, still have things that we would like to accomplish.

On Morris' performance:
I think he did a good job. He just did it all weekend, and the last week of practice, so it wasn't a big shock.

On how Jacory Harris is reacting to Stephen Morris' success:
I don't think it affects Jacory. I think Jacory was happy for him to go out there and win the game for this team.

On how excite Jacory seemed to be on Saturday:
Just being the competitor that Jacory is, he wants the best for whoever is on that field.

On how you practice to get ready for the option and if the scout team is doing well in practice with it:
They are a big part too, making sure they have the counts right, the reads right. They are are going to be a big part this week too.

On the scout team preparing them:
That's going to be hard. Our offensive scout team is not going to be able to simulate just as good as they do, so being adjusted, that first drive is going to be huge.

On having two good qbs:
You know it's big, to help this team win. Having one, or two, or three, quarterbacks is good.

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