Q&A with Brandon Harris

Read on to see what cornerback Brandon Harris is saying before the big game against Georgia Tech.

On playing against teams that don't throw a lot:
The main thing is you want to play every play like its going to be a pass, because you really don't know. With a complicated offense, you aren't just playing with your eyes, they'll make big plays on you. You have to play every play like it's coming to your guy.

On it being a big play when they do throw it:
They go for the home runs. You can't get caught slipping because they will score touch downs on you very fast.

On how tough that is knowing they predominantly run the option:
It's very tough, but how tougher would it be knowing you had your nose in the back field and got beat for an 80 yard touchdown. You have to think about that part of it also.

On if that is what it was like last time:
Definitely. Freshman year, we gave up a lot of big plays on defense. They rushed for a lot of yards. It was just one of those games where they were clicking and nothing was going our way. We definitely don't want to have a repeat of that effort going up there this year. We are very focused and are wanting to get into our assignments.

On helping the younger guys against them:
The best way to let them know is to have them watch the game film. It didn't disappear. It's still on the computers and on our systems. Have them watch the game film and have them understand that we have seen the good and the bad of this game and what can happen when you can come out do what you are supposed to, unfortunately we have seen what can happen when you come out and slip up on an offense like this.

On their back up quarterback being in and if it will make a difference:
I don't think it will make a huge difference. They lost a great quarterback in Josh Nesbitt, the backup did a pretty good job in the second half against V Tech. He came in and he managed the offense to the best of his abilities. We definitely don't think it will change what they do as an offense in total, because he seems to be pretty comfortable in the system and pretty much knows how to handle his way around the offense. There won't be too many changes.

On whether they rely on the safeties coming up more in a game like this:
It is definitely a game where you have to have the help of your defense. Everybody. All eleven guys on the field have to focus on their assignments. It's elementary, it's assignment football. You got this job, you do your job, don't worry about anyone else's job, you just make sure you cover your territory.

On whether it's some of the best blocking receivers:
Definitely some of the best blocking receivers in the country. They find the ways to get the secondary out of the picture so their backs are hitting for huge runs.

On assignment football being man to man football:
It's definitely. That's the closest thing I can explain to you. Eleven guys looking at eleven guys. This team is successful when, one guy on the defense is kinda off track, and he's not doing his assignment. That pretty much hurts the team. When one guy misses it looks like five guys miss, exactly.

On how the team feels:
As a team we just feel a sense of unity right now, coming together and being consistent with our play at a high level. We wanna make sure we go into this game and play for each other and come out with another big win. Not that that wasn't what we did last week, but just keep moving forward as a team.

On what they hear from the outside about the coaches and some of the guys on the team:
There is always going to be talk about coaching changes and position battles. We don't let none of that get to us, we stand fully behind our coach, we have faith and we believe in each and every member of this team. If somebody is down, the next guy has to step up, and we support both guys at the same time. There is no picking and choosing on this team. Everybody understands that we are in it together, and whatever outside forces say and whatever they want to do to separate us, it's not going to happen.

On Jacory helping out the freshmen out there:
Very active. He understands that he is down and he wants the freshmen to be successful at this point. He has to do what he has to do to help this football team win. Jacory understands that, and it shows a lot about his maturity and how much he really cares about this football team.

On what it means as a team to know they have to qbs:
That means a lot for our team. It allows us to be able to rotate guys if we have to, it pushes for competition between the two to make each other better. It really does a lot to build character and maturity in this football team.

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