Q&A with Lamar Miller

Read on to see what running back Lamar Miller is saying a few days before the big game against Virginia Tech.

On whether his results are what he expected with getting more playing time:
It's very good. I am just trying to improve game by game. The offensive line is doing a great job opening the holes. All of the running backs are doing a great job out there.

On Virginia Tech and how big of a challenge they are:
It's a big challenge for the guys up front. They just have to come out and do their assignments and the running backs just have to be patient and make sure the holes develop.

On how much it helps with all of the running backs being productive and splitting playing time:
It helps us a lot because, each guy gets a different series so when you get in you are fresh and ready to go. That gives us a lot of energy and opportunities to break long runs.

On Virginia Tech's special teams and if he's watched film on them:
Yes, everyday we watch tape of their special teams and see what kind of different types of things they do. We are just trying to execute and protect, because they have a very good special teams. We just have to play Hurricane football.

On whether he has watched more film this week than usual on just pure special teams:
Na. It has been the same from every game.

On whether he wishes he was getting to return more:
I wish, but Graig Cooper, Storm Johnson, and Eduardo Clements have been doing a great job out there. I think they are doing a great job.

On offensive line doing well:
They are doing a great job for all of the running backs. They are giving us the opportunities to break long runs and they are just doing their assignments. We have been listening to our coaches all week in practice and it just has been coming easy.

On whether he has had a good relationship with them:
We haven't taken them out to dinner yet. We may have to at the end of the season or get together and do a little something.

On how well he is doing at everything else besides for running from the tailback position:
It's coming along very well. I just have to keep watching film and get better game by game.

On whether picking up the other stuff was the hardest thing for him:
Yeah, it was tough coming in and picking up the blocking scheme because it is a lot different from high school, but now it's kinda easy.

On Virginia Tech's defense:
They have a good defense. They like to blitz guys, so we just have to listen to our coaches, and do all or our assignments, and hopefully it will come easy.

On whether he wants to run the ball 44 times against them:
Whatever the coaches give us the opportunity.

On whether as a team it bothers them too much changing qbs:
We really don't care who is starting. I know each guy, they are very comfortable with whoever starts will do a great job with letting us win.

On whether he can tell they are wearing down the defense when they run for 40 plus times in a game:
We can see, as the game goes on, that we are wearing down the defense. We are just trying to keep pounding them and just do our assignments and to just keep running the ball and moving the chains.

On how fun the last game was for him:
Last week was very fun because all of the running backs got an opportunities to score. We haven't seen that in so long, so we were just happy to see us score.

On whether they celebrated it after:
No, we really didn't celebrate.

On whether he felt like he was going to break one last week:
Yeah. I'm trying to get a long one. I'm hoping the opportunities come this week or next week.

On whether he gets any comments from opponents about his speed, in or outside of a game:
Not really.

On whether he says anything to them:
No, not really. I don't really say anything about my speed.

On having the chance to have a more prominent role and whether he feels he can be an every down runner:
I am showing the coaches that I can be an every down runner. When Damien Berry get out of the game, all of the running backs started doing a great job and just keep that opportunities going and to get more yards.

On whether he wants to show the coaches he is more than a change of pace back or that he can be an every down back:
Yes, because when I first came, people thought I couldn't run between the tackles. They thought I was just an outside guy. I've really been practicing running down hill.

On whether there is a sense of revenge going into the VT game or just handling one's business:
It's just the next game and handling business. We just have to take it one game at a time, and now Virginia Tech is in our next door step so we just have to come out and play football.

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