Q&A with Pat Hill

Read on to see what fullback Pat Hill is saying a few days before the big game against Virginia Tech.

On what he wanted to improve this year:
On the task of making sure I open up holes a little bit better this year. Last year, Mike did a pretty good job, and the year before that I did a pretty good job but I'm trying to make it a little bit better so the holes are a little bit wider and a little bit more open for the guy that is going to run through.

On whether he actually cracked his helmet on Saturday:
Yeah, I actually cracked it. I don't remember the exact play. I didn't know I needed a new helmet. I tried getting it fixed today and they were like, 'No, you got to get a new helmet now.' It was pretty interesting.

On whether it's the first one that he has broken in a game:
The first one I broke in a game, I broke a face mask a couple of times last year before I got hurt.

On what he does to break them:
I have no idea. Just hit.

On if he knows how he did it Saturday:
All I know is, it was a run play. It had to be a run play. I don't remember the exact instant it happened.

On whether he went helmet to helmet with a guy:
I tend to hit with my head. I hit with my head first, then my brain, then the rest of my body and my hands. For sure it was helmet to helmet.

On whether that affects him at all:
No. like I said the equipment guys came up to me and I showed it to them. I told them I might need a helmet Tuesday, and they were like no you need one now. So pretty interesting.

On what he thinks when he sees the backs getting that many yards and whether he takes pride in helping out:
I take a lot of pride. I get excited. It's a good thing to see. The hard work pays off. Those guys bust their butt on a daily basis. As everybody is on the team with us, it's nice to see everyone get their fair share.

On whether has to block differently for the different backs:
They hit holes differently but I think it's also attributed to the offensive line. When the holes are big, the main thing is to get through it. We've had big holes the last couple of games which is very good on their part.

On whether he has to adjust his blocking for each guy:
I tend to block the same. I kinda want them to adjust on the way I do things. Not just more the way they do things.

On whether he has been impressed with the offensive line coming together:
Very impressed, very impressed. Like I said, a lot of people look at us and say we are an old team, but if you really look at it, this is our first time playing together as an offense. The offensive line, as a unit, and complete. They have done a really good job.

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