Q&A with Orlando Franklin

Read on to see what offensive lineman Orlando Franklin is saying before the Virginia Tech game.

On how the offensive lineman feel with the play from the last couple of weeks:
Definitely we feel good. The last two games, over five hundred yards. It's always great when you have that many yards. We have to take care of business week in and week out. We're over that. We look forward to taking care of business this week against Virginia Tech.

On what has changed with the mentality of the lineman:
Just Coach Wip came to us and told us that we are going to run the ball when we want to run the ball. As an offensive lineman you take a lot of pride in running the ball. We were really happy when he told us that. He told us to get it done pretty much. The last two games, against Maryland he came out and told us that we were going to run the ball three straight times, and that it was up to you guys to get it done. I know Pat Hill and the running backs, they want to run the ball, they want to get carries. There are too much of them. They definitely want to run the ball as much as possible and get as many yards as they can. We are all excited to run the ball.

On what was going on during the first couple of series against Georgia Tech:
Just everyone was on the same page. We came out there and everybody was doing their job, and just taking care of their job. That's what made us successful in that game.

On Seantrel playing so well as a freshman:
That kid, he's a smart kid. He's a big, physical, smart kid. I am excited to see him play each and every week. He has better grades than I had as a freshman, I'm not very excited about that because that means he is better than me. He grasps concepts a little bit quicker than most guys. I am excited to see where he is going to be at in two years.

On Brandon Linder:
I have got to applaud that kid. I don't know if I could play four different positions right now. I have been in the program and I know what everyone is supposed to do, and for a freshman to do that, they have put a lot on his plate, and he is welcoming it to the coaches. He is doing a great job. I am just happy that another person got ACC player of the week on this offensive line.

On Pat Hill:
Yeah, he cracked his helmet. He has got to be doing a lot of great things to crack a helmet. I wish I could crack a helmet. He is doing a good job. He always come and sits with us and everything. Before the game we pray and he comes in the circle with us. He prays and he tells us we have to get the job done. It's all up to us. He says a big skilled person is someone who has no opportunity of getting the ball, and he thinks he has no opportunity, so he considers himself big skill all the way too.

On the offensive line being in sync and the development of the line:
It just is a lot going on. Guys get older. I never really got a chance to play with Harland a lot since I have been here. But the chemistry gets there, towards the end of the season, because you know exactly what a person is thinking in certain situations. Tyler could have played last year. There definitely wasn't any problems with the calls. The more games we play together, the better the chemistry.

On pass protection:
It is always important to an offensive lineman that your quarterback doesn't get touched. You have to do whatever it takes to not let your quarterback get touches, because you see what happened when Jacory got touched. It was pretty much a blow to the program. Everyday we are just out there, and there is really no one that can go in after Stephen. We knew that and we are just trying to take care of him. You try to joke around with him, and try to get him to listen up, because a year ago that kid was in high school.

On freshmen and the older guys talking to them:
Definitely. I know that's always been a big problem since I have been here. You win two games and you think that you are all this and that, and start talking this stuff during dinner, when we are on the road. You don't really look at it like a business trip, but definitely, we are going to try to get after it this week and we are going to try our hardest to get that W.

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