Q&A with Pat Hill

Read on to see what Pat Hill is saying a few days before Senior Day.

On how he feels about what this team has accomplished this year:
I think we have under achieved us a little bit. Nobody expected us to lose four games. Obviously we want to end this season great. Have two big victories at the end of the season.

On motivation for him and if the team is being refocused after what happened Saturday:
I think it's refocused. The message that I was getting out of them was do it for the seniors. They definitely want us to go out on top.

On what is most disappointing this year:
I'd say the loss to Virgina is probably the most disappointed thing, at least for me personally.

On what he is thankful for:
Family. Family and friends. Thankful for having a good group of guys next to me, day in and day out, on and off the field.

On eating with Damien Berry for Thanksgiving:
I am either going to go with him, or he is going to come with me because my mom, my brother and my sisters are down, and my grandmother is going to be down.

On whether he is going to do any of the cooking:
I've still cooked the last two years. I cook everything. Turkey, ham, side dishes, everything.

On whether he is the only guy on the team that does that:
I'm not sure anyone else does it. I know I have pretty good skills in the kitchen.

On why they lost to Virginia:
I felt, personally, we let Jacory down, by letting him take that hit. I think about that day in and day out, trying to figure out what we can do better from that point and pin point that every week.

On how people are going to look at them coming into this game:
I think we all just want to go out on a positive note. This is the last regular season game before bowl selections and things like that, so we want to go out on a positive not and try to get out with a game picked up.

On which city he want to check out more; El Paso, Texas or Orlando, Florida:
Whatever is the better bowl, really.

On whether he has ever been to El Paso, Texas:
Not at all. I have family in Texas though, so it wouldn't be a bad place.

On whether he likes Mexican food:
I love Mexican food. So that would be another perk, a plus.

On what he thinks of the future talent at Miami:
I think they will do great things, it's just a matter of staying focused, staying poised, and executing, and paying attention to details and the little things. I think that's one thing we tend to forget, the little things, detailing the work, and minor things here and there.

On the USF defense:
They are a tough defense. I think they have only given up a total of three or four touchdowns on the run game. We have a tough task ahead of us. Their front seven is really decent and their safeties like to come down and hit.

On USF being more physical this year:
You can tell. They come down hill, especially in the secondary. I think this is probably one of the most physical secondaries we are going to face.

On whether this will be a good team to crack his helmet against:

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