Q&A with Allen Bailey

Read on to see what Allen Bailey is saying before playing his final home game as a Hurricane.

On what a typical Thanksgiving is for Allen Bailey:
The usual stuff. Turkey, ham, macaroni, stuffing, collared greens, you got the normal stuff. Possum or racoon.

On who he is spending Thanksgiving with this year:
The last couple of years I have spent it with Van Dyke and his family.

On whether he bring possum with him to their dinner:
They actually surprised me because they actually had some. We ate lamb one time. It was the first time I have had lamb. Or goat, one of the two was over there. I was actually surprised myself at what they had.

On what he is feeling as a senior after the last game:
The feeling is everything came fast. It kinda just flew by., like I just passed through something. It came pretty fast, but this game, hopefully we can go out with a win for me and the rest of the seniors this year.

On Coach Shannon and whether it was hard for him to choose to go to Miami:
No, not really. Even with all of the stuff went on it wasn't a hard pick for me.

On why Miami wasn't a hard pick:
My recruiter coach and Coach Shannon, we set down and talked. Besides for all the outside things, this was a good program.

On how Saturday will feel playing the last game;
It will be a little emotional. I ain't saying I am going to cry, but it will be a little emotional though. With the guys I came in with, how we changed and how the team has changed since we came in together. How much more of a positive team we have become and to have spent the years with those guys is a great feeling.

On what he is going to be thinking going through the smoke for the last time:
Really, let's just get the win and finish it off right.

On how important it is to get a win on Saturday:
It's the last home game for me and a couple of other seniors. There are about thirteen of us or fourteen, I'm exactly sure how many of us there are. Winning is important for us just as a whole team, for us to just continue towards a bowl game. We need finish the season out with a win.

On what the senior class's legacy is going to be:
I can't really say. Our class is half of 06 and half of 07. It's a lot of different persons out of each and every class, both have seen different things, and they came in at different times. So legacy, I don't really know myself.

On being part of the rebuilding class:
Basically as seniors, since freshmen we have been in the process of that. You can say that.

On what was disappointing this season:
I feel the game that hurt the most was probably the loss to Florida State. It was a big loss. It was the middle of the season, it was a big loss for us. You look past that and continue and keep working.

On the future of Miami:
The future is going to be great. They have a lot of great, young guys here, and young guys coming in. They are all going to come up, and mature as players and as individuals.

On whether he feels they have underachieved this season:
We improve each year. Since I have been here our record has improved. That's a plus. Our program has changed, the whole team atmosphere has changed. I don't think it was really a disappointment this year.

On having the chance the match the record from last year:
Any time it is better or the same as last year it's a positive.

On whether it feels like his time at Miami has flown by:
Yeah, it has. I mean three years fly by very quickly. If you come to think of it, the season flies by very quickly. We have half the year, then spring time, then spring ball hits. It goes by fast. Any time there is football, the season goes by really fast.

On his career at Miami and what stands out:
The big games we played in. The big wins we had. Even some of the tough losses we have took in.

On USF's offense and how much physical they are this year:
They are a lot more physical this year. They had a lot of returning guys I believe. They have mobile quarterback kinda like this past week. It's just sticking to a good game plan and putting pressure on him as much as possible.

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