Q&A with Ryan Hill

Read on to see what Ryan Hill is saying just before Senior Day against USF.

On Senior day:
I guess it can get a little emotional. Sometimes I think about it. I have my mom coming down and a couple of my sisters and brothers. Five years. They went by fast but every good thing must come to an end. I am actually ready to take the next step in my life, but it's going to be really sad to have to say good bye to a lot of people.

On what he is going to miss the most:
I have a lot of memories in this place. I don't know. The little things like coming in here and making the freshman dance, coming in after a big win on Sunday's and watching the film and enjoying and laughing with co-players. Even running the 110 sprints with the team. There are a lot of things I can collect and look back and say I miss that. I probably won't really think about them until it's all said and done.

On what the game Saturday means:
We have to win. That's one thing. When you win, when you leave on top, that is even more memorable. It is my last game as a Hurricane, my last home game. We obviously want to go to a bowl game, but it's my last home game. Kinda get that college atmosphere in. It's going to be sentimental. It's definitely going to mean a lot.

On whether he likes running through the smoke:
That's probably one of the things I am going to miss the most. I don't know if I ever will get a chance to do that again either here or in the NFL. That's something I am going to miss. That is one thing that kinda brought me to the University. As a recruit you look at that and say that's awesome. That is something that I definitely will miss.

On whether he has talked to Sam Shields about the NFL:
Sam is my best friend. We talk just about every other day if not every day. He gives me a lot of insight about what really goes on behind the scenes. I am proud of him because he has made a big step in his life and he is doing a lot better on and off the field. The transition that he made, is something that I feel that I can do. Me and Sam are alike in a lot of ways. I am anxious. I am anxious to take the next step, and I am anxious to see what God has for me in the next part of my life.

On if it helpful to have Shields as a friend:
I think it is more inspiring than anything. It's easy to see someone on tv, and say if he can do it I can do it, but when you have someone you have grown with over the last five years, and lived with, talked to everyday, and woke up with, shared the same room with them, and they do it, it can be a little more inspiring to you to say, if Sam can do it, you can do it too. He's like my brother. We are pretty close with on that. I think the fact that he did what he did, it's definitely inspiring to me to say to myself that I can do the same thing.

On how things have changed internally since he has been at the University of Miami:
When you look at, I can't remember 2006. I came in with a group of guys who were great guys, on and off the field. There wasn't a whole lot of team camaraderie back then. You had a bunch of old guys who, maybe their mindsets were set on a certain thing. Then you had a couple of young guys, such as myself, Sam Shield, Javarris James, Jason Fox, and we came in when things were kinda a little chaotic. With the coaching staff, with things going on off the field. I don't wanna say we didn't have anyone to look up to, but there wasn't really a team bond. I think the one thing Coach Shannon did when he came in, was he kinda made an impact where everyone was sticking together from the first start. He came in and put everybody together. He didn't want DBs sitting with DBs, he wanted DBs sitting with the linemen, linemen sitting with the wide receivers, and that's something that kinda, it seems so little, but it can really help a team gel. I think from that point on, and helping guys become better men off the field in academics, and keeping their arrest rates down. Little things like that is what makes guys better. I really think if you look at the past, guys like Javarris James, Jimmy, and Sam, these guys had an opportunity to better their lives, not just as football players, but as young men. I think that is one of the biggest things I give Coach Shannon credit for.

On whether they feel they are playing this last game for Coach Shannon:
I have had to deal with it before with Coach Coker my first year. It's something that you never want to have to deal with as a player. That is something that you would rather not worry about. I am smart enough to know that Coach Shannon is a head coach at a very prestigious university and he has a certain historic thing to live up to. His position as a head coach, that's what it is, if things go wrong you are obviously going to blame the head man. It's really sad to me sometime, because people only see the outcome they don't see the process of what it takes to even produce the outcome in the first place. That is the only thing that really kind of bothers me about the whole thing, because people don't ever get to see behind the curtain.

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