The University of Miami is in the middle of a head coaching search and will bring you a look at some candidates we believe could be on the list. This segment takes a look at Jon Gruden.

NAME: Jon Gruden, 47

CURRENT JOB: Broadcaster for ESPN's Monday Night Football



WHAT MAKES HIM A GOOD CANDIDATE: Gruden has proven he can win at the highest level. He did the ultimate -- win a Super Bowl -- in the coaching industry. No other head coach in college football can say the same thing. Gruden has coached in college before -- including stops at Pittsburgh and Tennessee -- and he's been a successful offensive coordinator and head coach in the pros. He took the Oakland Raiders to the playoffs twice before getting the job with the Bucs, where he won a super Bowl in his first year. Even when he was fired following the 2008 season Gruden still took the Bucs to a 9-7 season.

WHY IT MAY BE UNLIKELY: He won a Super Bowl and was a successful pro head coach just two seasons ago so there's a good chance he may end up taking an NFL job instead. Some believe he may be overqualified for the Miami job and some believe UM can't afford him. Those are a few reasons that could keep him from becoming Miami's next head coach.

BOTTOM LINE: He's a big time coach. The NFL isn't like college -- you can't win because your players are that much better than everyone else's (see the 2001 Miami team). At that level, everyone's pretty even so if you're able to win a Super Bowl, you can flat out coach. There's a reason why the coaches who are considered the most successful of all-time have multiple Super Bowl championships in common. With Miami's players, who will be better than almost everyone they play each season (assuming they continue recruiting well), Gruden could dominate and win national championships here. He'd attract top notch assistant coaches. Kids would wanna come play for him. Can he evaluate the right players? Can he handle 19-year old kids making mistakes on the field? Can he handle the 17-hour rule that the NCAA has? Those are some things that are unknown since he's never been a college head coach before. Still, he's worth the risk -- and lots of money -- to be UM's next head coach. This would be considered a 'splash hire' by UM.

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