Golden the Recruiter: QB's

Al Golden is Miami's new head coach and a lot of people are wondering what he brings to the table as a recruiter. It's time to take a closer look. This installment looks at Golden's quarterback recruiting efforts.

Al Golden has signed five quarterbacks during his Temple tenure and had another one committed.

--Vaughn Charlton (6-5/210/Pennsylvania) was a two-star with no BCS offers. He was primarily a passing quarterback in high school and won a lot of games. He's been Golden's most productive quarterback at Temple, having thrown for over 2,600 yards and 15 touchdowns. He was moved to tight end this season, however.

--Chris Coyer (6-3/220/Virginia) was a 2-star with no BCS offers. A lefty, Coyer threw for 1,400 as a senior in H.S. and ran for 1,200. He's seen very little action as the QB at Temple.

--Jarrett Dunston (6-3/220/North Carolina) was a 2-star with no BCS offers. After a brief stint at Temple, he transferred to Winston-Salem, where he's been a decent starter for them. He's a dual threat kid who also ran for a lot of yards in high school.

--Mark Giubilato (6-4/230/PA) was committed to Golden at one time but never signed and isn't at Temple. He was a pocket passer in high school who won a lot of games. He was a 2-star with no BCS offers. He's now a walk-on linebacker at Pittsburgh.

--Connor Reilly (6-3/185/Virginia) was a 2-star with no BCS offers. He threw for 4,200 in H.S. ad ran for 1,100. He hasn't played at Temple yet.

--Chester Stewart (6-3/210/Maryland) was a 2-star with no BCS offers. His team won the state title in H.S. and he was a dual-threat QB. He's thrown for 11 touchdowns at Temple and ran for a few more.

None of these kids turned out to be quality quarterbacks in college. The best one, Charlton, is now playing tight end and a former walk-on is the starting quarterback. They average 6-3.5/213 and the smallest of the five coming out of HS was 6-3/185.

It appears as though Golden likes good-sized, dual-threat quarterbacks who come from winning programs. He also didn't have to out-recruit any BCS programs for any of these six kids.

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