Golden the Recruiter: RB's

Al Golden is Miami's new head coach and a lot of people are wondering what he brings to the table as a recruiter. It's time to take a closer look. This installment looks at Golden's running back recruiting efforts.

Golden signed lots of running backs in his five recruiting classes at Temple and they had various degrees of success.

Class of 2006:
-Jason Harper (5-11/200/NJ) -- 2 stars; 2,005 total yards and 14 TDs in his career; is now playing wide receiver

-Kee-ayre Griffin (5-10/180/NJ) -- 3 stars; WVU and BC also offered him out of high school; 729-8 career rushing; now a starting DB.

-Marcellous Grigsby (5-11/200/CA) -- JUCO transfer; 2 stars; 74 yards and 2 TDs in two seasons as a backup

Class of 2007
-Joe Jones (6-0/200/FL) -- 3 stars; USF and UCF also offered; 911 career total yards and 3 scores; he's a WR now
Daryl Robinson (5-9/175/PA) -- 4 stars; the most heavily recruited player Temple signed under Golden; he was Temple's top rusher in 2007 before leaving for Junior College.

-Corwin Acker (5-10/180/MD) -- 2 stars; he never enrolled and is a backup RB at James Madison now

-Kitt Anderson (5-10/180/PA) 2 stars; enrolled but a foot injury immediately ended his career.

Class of 2008
-Tony Cornelius (5-11/180/FL) -- 3 stars; once an Iowa commit; never enrolled because of grades

-Ahkeem Smith (6-0/190/PA) -- 2 stars; 52 career yards and one score

-James Nixon (6-0/175/CT) -- 2 stars; 695 career yards and 3 TDs; he started at RB, then played WR, and is now at DB

-Malcolm Williams (6-0/180/PA) -- 2 stars; never enrolled

-Matt Brown (5-5/170/NJ) -- 2 stars; 1,359 and 12 TDs rushing in just two seasons

Class of 2009
-Bernard Pierce (6-0/200/PA) -- 2 stars; 2,089 career yards and 26 TDs; All MAC type of player

Class of 2010
-Chris Burrell (5-6/160/NJ) -- 2 stars; 10 carries for 14 yards

-Myron Myles (6-1/205/PA) -- 3 stars; once a Vanderbilt commit; he hasn't played yet

So what is there to learn from this?

- Golden likes recruiting lots of running backs. 15 in five years is a bunch.
- The size varies. The two best backs he signed are much different in size. One came in at 5-5/170 and the other 6-0/200. The average recruit was 5-10.5/185.
- In five recruiting classes, Golden never signed a pure fullback. Interestingly, the team's primary fullback this season was former Miami LB signee Zach Kane.
- four of the 15 signees never enrolled at Temple.
- Five of the 11 who signed and enrolled ended up switching positions so he's not afraid to move guys around if they can help in other areas.
- Seven of the 11 who enrolled ended up being successful. That's a pretty good success rate in terms of the evaluations.

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