Q&A with Al Golden

Read on to see what new head coach Al Golden is saying just a few days after landing the job.

On whether players have reached out to him yet:
Well, I just got the job. I am going to work on that, but obviously there are six or seven here tonight, and some more came in, so it was nice. Obviously, I have played against Lamar and Darren. I haven't seen Micheal Barrow yet, and those guys, but I did get a chance to see some of those guys, so it' was nice. I just think that they want to be a part of it. That is part of the legacy here at the University of Miami. It's PCP. Players coaching players. It's not just a senior coaching a freshman, it's somebody that is getting ready for the NFL draft or someone coming back and showing you how it's done, and we want to make sure that we embrace that, and don't just push it to the side.

On leaving his last coaching job:
It was tough. It's tough for any coach. For any coach that builds a program, it's tough. I feel like we built a program that's going to consistently compete for championships. I don't see anything but eight, nine, ten wins for those teams moving forward. Many of you don't realize that with the Temple team, last season, our first bowl in thirty years, our third bowl in a hundred and fifteen years of playing football. That was the first year we could redshirt anybody. The pipeline is in there now. We couldn't redshirt anybody for anyone for three years because we didn't have any numbers. We redshirted that class and we redshirted this class for them, and obviously those kids appreciate the effort that we gave them and they meant a lot to us as well.

On how much he knows about south Florida:
Well, you know my parent's lived in Naples for half a year. I do visit down here. I know that's the west coast, but certainly, it's incredible talent down here, incredible high school coaches, and programs, and passion for the game. That is what we have to tap into, we got to get back to doing that, and then something with some of the kids for up north can help us.

On recruiting in the NorthEast and getting those recruits to understand the brand of the U:
They do. Like I said earlier, it's the strongest brand in college football. The most recognizable brand in college football. Everybody knows what the U is and everybody knows what the University of Miami about. What some of the kids in the north may not know, is it's the 47th best university in the country, it's number one in the state of Florida. Many of them may not know that quite as readily as they know about the football part of it. We will educate them on that. Many of them may think that's in the city. That it's in downtown Miami, and we'll educate them on that, that they have a beautiful campus with access to the city, and I think that's a great selling point for us as well as the 12th largest media market in the country.

On what is the biggest challenge:
I think this is a difficult situation right now. It's unique challenge. They are playing in a bowl game, they are playing in a very meaningful bowl game against a meaningful opponent. I think from that standpoint it's a challenge because there is a staff in play. I think as soon as the transition takes place, then we can begin to install our core values. They will buy in, they want to win. We have to find the leaders, but they want to win. They want to have discipline. They want to play hard and with energy. They want to play with passion, and we will get it out of them.

On whether he will leave for Penn State when he can:
I am not bolting for the University of Miami. This is a destination job, and it's not a job you bolt for. I told Kirby that and I am telling you that, and I am telling the administration that right now. This is a job where you build a program and you build championships.

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