Hocutt discusses Golden hire

Read on to see what UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt is saying about the hiring of new head coach Al Golden.

On carefully picking the new coach:
We were diligent, we were thorough, we took our time. If we needed to take five days, if we needed to take two weeks, which it took, or we needed to take three weeks, we were going to take the amount of time necessary to find the right fit and that is what we did.

On Golden being a home run hire:
I believe, I have been around some of the best football coaches in the country. I played for Bill Snyder for five years at Kansas State, with Bob Stoops at Oklahoma for seven years. I have been around some greats and I know what it takes to build a successful football program. I have prepared my whole career to make decisions like this one. It's exciting, and I feel 100% confident that this is the right decision, and it's going to be successful. I would say judge us hard next fall, judge us hard in two years when you see what we are going to achieve on the football field.

On the pressure he has felt during this process:
It's not pressure when you are prepared and you have done your research and homework, and you are not influenced by the outside factors. That you know in your heart that you are prepared and you are doing what is right for the university. That is how I have felt all along.

On the critics:
The media world that we live in today is much different than five years ago. It's different, but it's only going to continue to advance and to evolve. I guess we would rather have people following us and talking about us and covering what we do than nobody.

On meeting with Golden:
The first time that we met face to face, we spent a couple of hours together. After that we had subsequent phone conversations that lasted for extended periods of times. I wanted to go to Philadelphia and just confirm what was in my heart and my belief on this decision. We spent a good half a day plus together. We are making very important decisions in a very condensed time period, and it was important to take as long as I felt we needed.

On where he met him for the first time:
We met at a different location. We did not meet at his home. We met at a hotel in Philadelphia.

On the assistant coaches and the help they have given:
It's so important to have people that you trust, and that you believe in. There is no greater leader that I could have as a Board of Trustee member than Paul DeMario. Paul has been involved in college sports his whole life. He has five sons. One played baseball here, one played football at Florida State. Paul understands big time athletics and what it takes to be successful. He provided a steady hand through this process. No one knows football better than Bernie Kosar. The chance to spend extended periods of time, and quality time with Bernie has been enjoyable. He is a great friend to this program, and has the kids best interests in his heart.

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