Morris talks about Golden

Read on to see what freshman quarterback Stephen Morris is saying about new head coach Al Golden.

On the meeting with Golden:
He just talked to us about his values, his morals, and him as a head coach. He just wanted to get to know the players, and let us know everything was going to be all right. We know that we are going through transition and everything, and he was just going to talk to us.

On the main thing they wanted to know from him:
Every player is different. Everybody wanted to know what scheme, this and that, but I think that everyone just wanted to get to know him first and then talk football later.

On first impression:
He came in here and he walked in, and he was confident about his business, he was confident about it. He said we were going to have fun, so we are all holding him to his word. We believe him and we trust him for now.

On whether they feel bombarded by the whole situation and loyalty towards Coach Shannon:
No. We don't feel anything like that. We all understand that coaching is coaching, and that it's a business really. It's our first thought. That is what a lot of players were saying. We've just got to move on. We love Coach Randy Shannon with all of our hearts and I still love him with all of my heart. We've just got to move on to the next level and see what's happening.

On what Golden talked about:
He was just asking us if there is anything we wanted to talk about. We were just asking him different questions, but it was nothing out of nature.

On whether they want any of the other coaches to stick around:
Yeah, I mean they don't know the area. A lot of our coaches know the area very well, but at the end of the day we really can't control that. It's really whatever the coach wants. We will have our say, but it's really whatever the coach wants and we will just go with it.

On what has impressed him most about the new coach;
I know that he is very serious. He said that we are going to have a lot of fun in the media, and I think that is real important. I just feel like he will be a great coach here.

On what he thought of his speech:
He is a funny guy. I like him. That is just his personality really.

On whether he seems intense:
Naw. Like I said before he is really serious about football, but at the same time we are going to have a lot of fun. We can tell that and we are just excited to get started.

On his message on winning national championships:
That is why we all came here. I came here because I wanted an opportunity to play on the big level. I understand that this is the University of Miami, and like he said, you can't just wear the U and expect to win a national championship, so you got to work and put forth the effort and I am sure that we are all going to do that.

On Coach Golden:
Everyday is a learning process. He is going to learn that each player is different. He is going to learn what we can do on the field. He is just going to try to get to know us, and I think the first meeting went well.

On it still being a pro style offense:
I personally like the pro style. I am happy about it. I don't actually understand his schemes yet until we actually sit down and start talking football, and that won't be until after the bowl game. Coach Golden's pro style will be nice.

On waiting to find out who the coach was going to be:
It was frustrating. I think a lot of recruits were also frustrated and wanted to find out who the head coach was, and so did we. Once we found out, we were like 'Ok, now we got Notre Dame.' We are glad we got the head coach. The recruiting staff will get to recruit now and get all of the stuff that we need to have done. Right now our main focus is on Notre Dame.

On what Coach Golden's demeanor was like in the meeting:
Like I said before, the meeting with him was just to get to know him. We weren't talking anything about football. We were just talking about life, his morals, his personality, and what he stands for. Everything went well. It was a very good first meeting.

On what it means to have the head coach say he wants a national championship right out of the gates:
Makes us think that this is the reason that we came to the University of Miami. To play on a big level, and that is what we are going to get back to. The first things first, and that is winning an ACC championship. We have to win the ACC first before thinking about being on top of the BCS, bowls, or anything like that. We feel strong about this team and how we are going to move forward.

On how difficult it will be adjusting to a new leader:
I love Coach Shannon and the way he went out. I just love everything about him and it's just going to be somewhat difficult. We just have to move on. Coach was talking about that and that is just our main focus. Right now Notre Dame and then we will worry about the next year and a different coach.

On Golden talking about the former players coming back:
The players are always there for us in the summertime. Right now they are in there season, It's expected. We see them all the time and we love to have them. They talk a lot of wisdom to us It's a great opportunity to come to the U and see all the players like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and everyone else just coming around.

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