Rosenhaus Drives His Point Home

Drew Rosenhaus had an open-house party at the University of Miami Tuesday afternoon, extending invitations to any professional football franchise, media outlet and anybody else willing to kill a few hours to come watch Rosenhaus sell former University of Miami running back Willis McGahee.

Wearing his favorite ear-to-ear smile the greasy-haired one pulled out all the party favorites as the cameras rolled. McGahee hit the weights, the trainer's table, the stationary bicycle and the grass at Greentree Field in Coral Gables to prove that all is well with the left knee that snapped like rice crispies four months ago in Arizona.

And about the only thing missing was a for sale sign around McGahee's neck.

Granted Rosenhaus gets paid to sell his client and make sure he can help the player reach for every penny possible out of the pockets of the team that decides to draft him. But what Rosenhaus put together this time around, with help from little brother Jason, bordered on the ridiculous.

Rosenhaus, wired for a national television broadcast throughout the workout, did his best to look amazed and wave the pom-poms like a good cheerleader should as McGahee went through a proceeding that looked all the more staged the longer it lasted. Rosenhaus gushed with excitement as physical therapist Ed Garabedian twisted McGahee's leg like a pretzel. Rosenhaus was literally hovering over McGahee as McGahee finished the bench-pressing portion of the session as scouts, trainers and reporters looked on in complete awe.

Rosenhaus was at his best on the practice field as McGahee ran a 50-yard-dash (forwards and backwards) at medium-speed. Not only was Rosenhaus now declaring this a ‘miraculous recovering' after watching McGahee run, he then further embarrassed himself by attempting to throw a few passes that made Chris Weinke look like the NFL's rookie-of-the-year.

"This is my job, this is what I do in order to make a living," said Rosenhaus after most of the cameras had been put away and the notebooks had been slammed shut. "Some people don't like it and others really don't care. But I again it's what I get paid to do."

Rosenhaus, who loves the cameras so much he does a weekly segment for a local television sports show, obviously has his motives for feeling a need to shove McGahee down our throats. And they all point to $$$. But for as hard as Rosenhaus works McGahee certainly doesn't need the propaganda.

"This is just another regular workout for me," said McGahee after completing the 60-minute session. "I do this stuff all the time. The only difference today is that y'all are here."

And add to that it's McGahee, not Rosenhaus, doing all the sweating, all the reps with the barbell, all the running and all the therapy exercises. It's understood that McGahee needs somebody to get the word out for him and he has appointed Rosenhaus to do so. But enough already.

Last time I checked it was McGahee, not Rosenhaus, who shattered his knee and doing the same to the University of Miami record books. Strangely enough, Rosenhaus had a lot more to say than McGahee throughout the entire workout. It was Rosenhaus who led the cheering section, while McGahee just smiled and chatted with former teammates that were in attendance.

Which leads to a bigger point: McGahee doesn't need Rosenhaus. McGahee is going to make a lot of coin regardless if Rosenhaus is around or not. Although he's still limited in what he can and not do McGahee is going to get drafted somewhere in the first three rounds and demand the kind of money he's never seen in his entire life. And if he proves in July, the start of training camps around the league, that he continues to make progress that will only benefit his cause.

Rosenhaus is no doubt successful in what he does. But in no way is he the determining factor in McGahee's success or failure. More should be said about Garabedian who has monitored McGahee's rehab every step of the way and has endured a lot more pain than Rosenhaus just watching what McGahee has had to go through.

Rosenhaus, like McGahee will get his. But Garabedian should get a piece of the pie as well.

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