Brock Berlin Named Starter

Brock Berlin was given the nod today by Coach Larry Coker. Here are his comments regarding the starting position.

On being selected as the starter at Miami
"First of all, I'd like to thank God, for giving me the opportunity to be the quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes. I'm definitely excited. I didn't think this was going to happen today. But, definitely, I'm excited and I'm ready to lead this team. And this is going to be a fun year."

On the goal of becoming quarterback at Miami
"From the time Ken (Dorsey) graduated, my goal was to become the quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes. That's why I'm here and I'm excited to know that day is here."

On his summer priorities
"Really, just to keep doing what I've been doing. Work hard in the film room and in the weight room. When I'm around my teammates, step out and be the leader that I can be and just have fun. I've done this my whole life. I've played this game and I just know that it's going to be a lot of fun."

On the decision
"I know that Coach (Coker) just came down with the decision. I know that the coaches watched the tapes of practice. I feel like it came down to performance or whatever it might be. We'll go from there."

On leadership
"I think that's one thing that the Lord has blessed me with my whole life. Being a leader and since I was a young kid it's what I've loved to do. I've loved to have the ball in my hands and be the leader of the team. It's a big responsibility, but it's big rush and it's a lot of fun, especially when you're playing at a great school like Miami."

On how the coaches' decision has changed his own perception of his role
"Knowing that Coach (Coker) has made the decision coming in has really boosted my confidence knowing that I'm the guy and I'll be able to come in every day knowing now that the decision's made. I'm definitely still going to have to keep working hard. I know that just because I've been given the job, that doesn't mean that I can't lose it."

On his improvement
"I've felt really good throughout the spring. Each day, I'm getting better and better at knowing the offense. I've gotten more and more comfortable. I do think that I've got a lot to learn still. The biggest thing is reps, whether I'm out there on the practice field doing seven-on-seven or I'm taking mental reps in the film room. I feel like during the summer I'll be getting better and better each day."

On the culmination of the quarterback
competition (Berlin was previously involved in a quarterback competition at the University of Florida that he lost to Rex Grossman. He then transferred to Miami) "I guess that, finally, I can take a deep breath and know that my dream of being a starting college quarterback is here and now is the time. It's the time and I just thank God for it. I really can't tell you how excited I am right now. This is a dream come true. I've always dreamed of playing this game at this level, of being a starter at this level, and knowing that I'm on such a great team with such great teammates and coaches. To know that I'm going to be a part of that is just really exciting."

On the difficulty of the decision
"We all knew that the decision was going to have to come down. The same thing happened to me when I was at Florida, it was pretty much the same type thing. Those things happen. That's competition and we'll go from there. I have total respect for Derrick, he's an unbelievable quarterback. We had a big battle this spring and he did a great job. We're going to be teammates and we're going to keep fighting through to get a national championship."

On starting against Louisiana Tech in Berlin's hometown Shreveport, Louisiana (season opener on Aug. 30)
"It's really amazing when you think about it, how things worked out to where my first game as a starter as a Miami Hurricane is going to be in hometown. I know that all of my fans back home will really be excited to watch me play. It will be a dream come true for me because Shreveport is my favorite place in the whole world and it's going to be a lot of fun."

On playing his former school, Florida, the following Saturday
"It's going to be fun and I know that most of the guys that were there when I was there are going to be seniors or juniors. I'll have fun out there. I'll have to look at each one of them and give them a wink or something. It's going to be a lot of fun."

On being a former Florida quarterback
"I think that when I first got here being a Gator and coming to be a Hurricane was a big deal. I knew that the biggest thing was going to be that I come down and show them by my work ethic what kind of a person I am and what kind of a player I am. I think they found out maybe after a couple of months that I was a Cane now. I had to win them over. I had to take grief when I first got down here for being a Gator and coming down here. But I think I won them over as time went on. I ran the scout team last year and showed those guys that I was able to lead and really show them that I was here to play and I meant business about it."

On being a Hurricane
"I thank these guys. I love each and every one of them. I really do. I thank them for bringing me in the way that they did. I know they didn't have to. They brought me in and made me a part of the family, made me feel at home. I love being a Cane. This has been an unbelievable experience for me. Playing for these coaches and with these guys. The way they brought me in was just awesome and I love them all for it."

On the scout team experience
"My main goal coming down here was to be the quarterback and being on the scout team, I was a part of that. I knew that I was going to have to go through a year that was going to be tough, that was going to be a year that I was going to have to look at things and look back. It was going to be tough on myself. But now that it's over with, I'm really able to look at it and just be thankful for it."

On his approach in the spring
"I went out to each and every practice and said that I'm the starter of this team: act like it and lead these guys like you would if you were named the starter. Really the big thing this spring was I didn't worry about the other guys and what they were doing because if I did then I'd do a lot of worrying because they did some good things. I think that I basically went out there and worried about my game."

On his separation from the other quarterbacks
"I really don't know what separates me from those guys. I 'm not really sure. I know that the coaches made the decision and I guess they know what separates me from them."

On playing in the shadow of Ken Dorsey
"I feel good. I'm not trying to live up to be Ken Dorsey. I'm going to be Brock Berlin. I'm going to play my game and I'm going to have fun. I play the way that I play. I have some big shoes to fill with Ken and all these past quarterbacks. This is 'Quarterback U,' this is the place to be. I'm really honored to be a quarterback here and to be able to put my name with those other guys' names and it's just going to be a lot of fun. The big thing is just for me to go out and have a lot of fun and play my game."

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