QB Coach Discusses Decision

Head Coach Larry Coker called a press conference yesterday to name Brock Berlin the starting quarterback heading into the summer. It has caused a media frenzy and we spoke to the man integral in the decision making process for his take on the situation.

Why is now the best time for a decision?
Coach Coker came to me a couple days ago and told me we needed a leader over the summer. Having two guys fighting for the spot could send the wrong message perhaps. To be honest I feel strongly this was the right decision because of what we have had to go through yesterday and today. I would not want to have all of this media attention and frenzy when we are trying to prepare for a practice. To have this out of the way this time of year is a smart move I think. In my mind and everyone's mind that was involved it was the right decision and also the right timing.

You don't see Derrick becoming complacent by any means over the summer?
No, certainly not. As coach said, nothing is etched in stone. We need someone to step up and be a leader over the summer and if Brock doesn't do that then Derrick is certainly going to have a say in the race. There is competition at every position so why shouldn't the quarterback position be any different.

When exactly was this decision made?
A couple days ago I returned from lunch and coach Coker came to me and said we needed to make a decision and I thought at first he meant over the summer but then he said we needed one in the next couple of days. The entire offensive staff met and went over the pluses and minuses and we felt that Brock was the guy that would best help us win.

There is a lot of criticism from the fans initially due to the fact Derrick was arguably stronger in the scrimmages. How do you respond to that?
The media and fans were able to see only two of the scrimmages we held and the second one (Spring Game) was one in which the quarterbacks faced a very vanilla defense that blitzed only three or four times. When making this decision we looked at everything -- and I mean everything. We looked at all of the practices, how these guys performed off the field in the weight room, as a leader, everything. Derrick certainly did perform well in the Spring game but that was once piece of the overall puzzle.

In your discussions with Derrick does he seem to take this as a challenge to improve all the more?
Derrick has done everything we have ever asked of him. You have to take the good with the bad and there have been plenty of situations where the backup has stepped in. When he went into the National Championship game at a critical time could easily happen the second play of this season. Who's to say that won't happen? I think Derrick will be ready if that situation comes up.

Was there any one thing that you saw in Brock that elevated him to the top?
No, there was not one thing specifically. We took everything into account and he was better overall in our opinion. It was a situation that we felt this decision was best for the football team but there was not one area that he stood out in.

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